Pixel 4 dropping calls after Android 11 update

I hate to add to the mix, but I recently (within the past week-ish) updated by Google Pixel 4 to Android 11 and have experienced this issue multiple times today during phone calls. I don’t make a lot of phone calls, so today may very well be the first time I’ve made phone calls since the update.

As I understand it, disabling the microphone basically means I can’t do use the microphone with any function? So, for instance, “Hey Google…” also won’t work, in addition to the microphone in the search bar and in Chrome?

I know you said there would be an update posted. Will it be in this thread that I am presumable going to be subscribed to by posting this? (I think that’s how I have my settings).

EDIT:Rant. This update (A11) has been a p.i.t.a. Nova Launcher wasn’t working quite right and touch areas in the bottom of the screen for apps seem to be covered by the system app. Now this.

I’m guessing Removing 11 would involve backing up and restoring data. Not gonna be fun either way. Hoping for a fix soon.

Hi @sflesch,

I’ve moved your post to its own topic, because the topic where you posted was specific to two Motorola phones that are dropping calls when the Republic app can’t claim the microphone because the Google app is not releasing the claim to it appropriately during WiFi calls. Although you may be seeing the same behavior on your Pixel 4 running Android 11, I don’t want to confuse people in the topic since any solution for your issue is most definitely not going to come from an update by Motorola.

Denying the microphone permission in the Google app will prevent the Google Assistant (“Hey Google”) from responding to voice commands and will prevent voice searches in the Google app. It does also prevent the use of the microphone in the url field of Chrome, as that is simply another instance of the Google Search function. You can, however, use the microphone on the Gboard while using Chrome, so it’s still possible to speak text into that field. It also makes Google Sound Search inoperable.

Can you describe for us exactly what the experience is when you’re in a WiFi call? Is the same thing happening during cell calls?

Could you try denying the mic permission in the Google app and then see if the next WiFi call has the same issue you’ve been experiencing? You can always re-allow the mic permission in the Google app at any time.

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What phone do you have?
Pixel 3a
What plan are you on?
My Choice + 1 GB
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Talk, text, and data.

Issue Description

Starting yesterday, phone calls consistently drop about 1 minute into the call. Sometimes it tells me that the call was dropped because another app is using my phone’s microphone and sometimes it doesn’t tell me that. I automatically get called back from the other number within several seconds, though the problems repeats another minute into the call.

I have already tried disabling all other apps microphone permissions. Republic Wireless is the only app with microphone permissions and every other app on my phone is denied permissions currently yet the issue persists. How can I solve this?


Hello @davido.lyir9m
Welcome to the Community!

I have not heard of this issue from a Pixel before. :thinking:

Did your Pixel 3a get its Android 11 update yet? Let’s start with a check of that and if needed… update to 11 and see if your issue remains.

If your phone is already on 11 then we’ll need to wait for more ideas from other Community Members :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m updated to Android 11. It’s possible that somehow could be the cause since I think the phone call I had yesterday was the first one I made on Android 11.


Hi @davido.lyir9m,

I’ve merged your question with another Pixel having similar trouble after updating to Android 11.

Please try opening Settings > Apps and Notifications, tap the dropdown menu to view all apps, and tap Google. Then tap Permissions > Microphone and Deny.

Reboot the phone and see if your WiFi calls continue to drop with the Google app’s Microphone permission denied.


Thanks. @davido.lyir9m mentioned another thing that I am experiencing in that the call comes back like it’s an incoming call. IIRC, I’ve seen that before when I switch calls. and the person I’m online with hangs up. The person on the other line appears to call back.
As I mentioned, I rarely make phone calls, however on top of that, my phone calls are rarely on cell. I have already made the suggested switch. I will try to make come calls at work and see if I can duplicate the issue. If not, I’ll switch the microphone back on and see if I can duplicate it, then switch to cellular.

After restarting my phone with Google’s microphone permissions disabled the problem seems to have been fixed. Sadly it looks like google assistant won’t work considering this fix though.


Hi @davido.lyir9m and @sflesch,

Would you mind making sure any apps with microphone permission are updated, then allow the Google app’s microphone permission, use Google Assistant with a voice command, and then test calling again? I’d like to know if the other apps have now updated for Android 11 and perhaps resolved this issue.

If calls continue to drop, can you please let us know what seems to trigger it? Are these WiFi calls, Cell calls, calls switching from WiFi to cell or from cell to WiFi? We’ve not been able to replicate the issue, which makes it very hard for our engineers to troubleshoot.


Just updated my apps. Went to enable the microphone and it was enabled already. I suspected this, even though I’m fairly certain I disabled it. I’m pretty sure I had checked the functions I should have lost and verified they were no longer working.
At some point, I think I started using some of them out of habit and they were working again. I took a few Wi-Fi calls today and didn’t have any issue.


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