Pixel 4 XL phone won't pick up when someone is calling (sometimes)

What phone do you have?
Pixel 4XL
What plan are you on?
my choice + data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
yes Data

Issue Description

My wife and I have had the Pixel 4 XL for about 6 or 7 months now and we both have this problem. When someone calls us and we try to pick up our phone the phone won’t let me slide up to pick up. I will slide up, but it wont pick up. So it will go to voicemail and then we have to call the person back. This seems to happen randomly without rhyme or reason. I’m not sure what is behind this problem, but it happens too often, maybe once out of every 10 calls or something like that. If we don’t find a solution we may have to think about other options because this is a deal breaker for us. We have to be able to use our phones and answer a call when it rings.

Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot and get this problem resolved?


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