Pixel 4a 5g compatible and comparison to Moto G7

looking at getting a pixel 4a 5g to use instead of my Moto G7 (from late 2019)

  1. is it compatible with RW
  2. what will i lose (besides the FM radio)
  3. what will i gain?

Very broad questions that are mostly opinion.

  1. Yes
  2. Nothing much other than Moto Display, which in my opinion is better than Google’s Always on Display implementation
  3. Lots and lots of things including a camera that’s leaps and bounds ahead, 3 years of updates, monthly updates, etc.
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This side by side comparison may help:

Compare Google Pixel 4a 5G vs. Motorola Moto G7

In addition to what @louisdi listed I wanted point out the Pixel has NFC which allows you to use things like Google Pay. :slight_smile:

Pixels don’t have memory card slots, which is their greatest shortcoming, IMO. They give you a fantastic camera, but no way to increase storage for pics.

At least for me, 128GB of memory provides plenty of storage for the pictures that I want/need to keep locally. Everything else is offloaded to the cloud and my home storage. At something 4.5MB per picture 128GB, even with everything else on my phone, is a lot.

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