Pixel 4a keeps dropping off my home Wi-Fi

What phone do you have? Pixel 4a

What plan are you on? MyChoice + 1GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Love everything about my new Pixel 4a EXCEPT that it won’t stay on my home wi-fi. I have our network set to automatically connect, yet it doesn’t when I get home. I have to remember to do it manually. Then even after I do that, it constantly drops wi-fi and I see it on LTE. I’ve gone back to using my old phone to stream things because I’m really concerned that I will be streaming away and not notice that I’m on LTE and blow through my data. What is the deal?

Hi @dianag.yh2iuk,

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Does your 4a lose WiFi connections at other locations? :thinking:

The first thing I would try is a reboot of your home router.
If that fails I would have the Pixel forget your home network and do a re-connection.

Please let us know if either of these suggestions help :slight_smile:

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We went away on vacation right after I got the phone and I noticed it dropping at the hotel all the time, so yes, it is not just at home. We’ve tried working with the router already. We are having no other issues with any other devices in the home. I will try what you suggested with the forget and reconnect with the home network. TY

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Oooh here is another possibility! :slightly_smiling_face:

Pixel 4a constantly dropping off WiFi - Google Pixel Community

From the link:
“I found that after going to " Settings > Network & internet > Advanced > Adaptive connectivity " and turning OFF that feature that IT FIXED THE ISSUE!

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Thank you. I did that a few days ago and it did not solve my problem. I’m half way through my data and only 3 days into the month and in 5 years on Republic, I have never used all my data in one month. So disappointed.

Can I ask you another question? If I turn Mobile data off, will that stop me from using data if the phone drops wi-fi?

Of course!

Please leave that on. :slight_smile:
You can use Data Freeze in the Republic App tho! :wink:

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  • As you work through this issue, a couple of additional questions come to mind:
    • What indication do you use to know you have dropped off of WiFi?
    • Does this happen after the phone has been idle for some period of time?

It seems to be staying connected to wi-fi once I manually connect it but it isn’t automatically connecting when I get home, like it should (automatically connect is chosen in settings). I’m using data freeze just to be sure I don’t accidentally use up my data. I guess I’m going to have to live with this until Google fixes it. From what I’m reading online, it is a Pixel thing with Android 11. Annoying and too bad because I love so much about this phone, but staying connected to wi-fi seems like one of the main things that a phone on Republic should do. I wish Republic would give Google a nudge to fix this bug?

  • It appears that you may be discussing two problems?
    1. Does not re-connect to my home WiFi when I arrive
    2. Once connected to WiFi, it is dropping off to Cell and burning your data

For item 1. you can raise your voice with google via the Android Issue Tracker. I found this bug that sounds like your description Android 11: device does not automatically connect to wifi network
You can ‘Star’ the bug, which amounts to a vote they use as one of the measures on impact. The link provided will show this top left, and the star will not be filled in your case.

Thanks. I “voted”

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Thanks, I doubt that our 2 votes will do much to sway Google (the right person out of >100,000 at Google) … so perhaps a few other fellow Republic Wireless members join in.

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