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I have a Moto X4 that is dated now and is not holding a charge like it used to. I am undecided between the pixel 4a or the pixel 5. Is the pixel 5 worth the extra cost over the pixel 4a? I need a new phone but not sure which pixel to get.

Hi @dumbunny360,

This is going to depend entirely on where you find value. What are the things that are most important to you about your phone? If the Pixel 5 has more of those things than the 4a has, then you have to decide if the extra cost makes those things worthwhile.

Can you tell us what are your must-haves in a new phone and what worries you about the Pixel 4a?


I guess my main concern is the battery life on the 4a. I want to make sure it is enough. Especially since I am having trouble with my current battery. Also is performance. I just am unsure if the difference between the two phones is justified by the price. I am wondering if I should buy the cheaper 4a even though it will be out of date sooner than the 5. Then when that time comes a better phone will be available…

Here’s a good side-by-side comparison of the two phones

As you can see, the 5 is not that much newer than the 4a.
The 5 does have a larger battery and will get you longer battery life… is it worth almost 2x the price? That’s for you to decide.

My son upgraded from the X4 to the Pixel 4a last year…he’s happy with that upgrade so far. I still have my X4 but it does seem to go less and less on a single charge. I have just adjusted to charging more often…otherwise I don’t have any issues with my X4…so would like to get more life out of it.

The camera is definitely dramatically better on the Pixel line of phones…so I am tempted to get one myself whenever my X4 becomes unusable.


Hi Amitl
I have the pixel 3A And just got the 12 beta 3 load The final comes in sept. J have had this 3A for 3 years This is the last Load for it. An boy did they come out with a quality up grade one thing my battery has improved for lasting longer

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The consensus on the street is that the 4a is an incredible value for the money. Battery life is supposed to be pretty good.

I went from a 3a to a 5 myself, knowing that the value was definitely NOT in going to the 5. It was a splurge for sure, and I doubt I’d do it again. There’s nothing wrong with the 5 but after 20+ years of sticking with lower priced phones, I decided to move to the high end of the middle once instead of staying with the the low-end of the middle.

I don’t regret the one time splurge, but 3 years from now I’ll be back with the Pixel 8a. :slight_smile:

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One thing I like about the Pixel 5 is wireless charging. I just set it on the upright stand and it displays the time and notifications while it charges. When I leave, I just grab it and go, no charging cable to disconnect.

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Hi @dumbunny360,

Not to try to pressure you - I am not a commissioned salesperson (I’d starve fast in that job!) but I do want to be sure you know both of the phones you are considering are in short supply. At the moment we have both back in stock in our online store, but when they are gone, we do not expect to get any more. I believe other retailers may be facing similar circumstances.

Somewhat off topic… I had a Moto X4 and after 15 months, the battery started swelling and pushing the screen out of the phone’s frame. I wonder if Motorola was getting bad batteries for the X4.

I just got the 4a (coming from Samsung J7) and I’m thrilled. Great battery so far, tons more storage than I had. No bloatware! (Well except the google stuff…) Better camera than I had. The only thing that I noticed at first is that the screen seemed slightly smaller (???) but after a few weeks I’m used to the screen size.


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