Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G

how long after the pixel5 is released and available to the public will it be supported here and/or sold here?

Hi @13iron,

Candidly, the answer to that question is an unknown. With previous Pixels, it’s generally been a matter of days after release for BYOP support and a bit longer for potential addition to Republic’s online store. That said, until and unless Republic makes an announcement, support should not be presumed.

When Republic has something to say, it will be said here: Announcements & News - Member Community


Any updates to this topic?

Hi @absolutedbl,

We announce new phone support in our #news category as soon as we are able to do so.

@southpaw, @13iron

Could you clarify what is the main difficulty/hurdle with offering support for these phones?
Also, is the 5G support another complicating factor?

Hi @rogerss and welcome to the Community!

It’s no different from supporting any other phone as Republic compatible. Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended service isn’t vanilla cellular. Republic’s service blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of its former corporate parent Bandwidth.com with one of two cellular networks (T-Mobile or Sprint). VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service.

Blended service is managed by Republic’s mobile app. Before supporting any phone as being compatible, Republic tests both its mobile app and blended service behave as expected.

History suggests (but does not guarantee), Republic will ultimately support Google’s Pixel 5 and/or Pixel 4a 5G.

No, though Republic’s service does not currently support 5G. As an aside, for anyone interested in using dual SIM on the new Pixels, service would be limited to 4G LTE regardless of service provider.

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5G support is something im curious about too!

Since my Z3 Play may have gotten its last security update (July 1, 2020), I may be in the market for a new phone sooner rather than later!

I see the Google Pixel 5 is supported now via BYOP.
Is this just limited to the GSM partner (The Pixel 5 shows CDMA support in the specs)?
When the Pixel 4a-5g becomes available on BYOP, will it be GSM only (some spec sites show the 4a-5g as lacking CDMA support)?
Thanks very much, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Moto Z3 Play is my daily. found this to confirm no more update support… (looked at the Z4 but lost out on a bid to one of last remaining new unopened ‘compatible’ model #'s supported by RW’s BYOP lol.) more to the point…
the model number supported is critical in RW compatibility if u don’t buy it from RW

It is not. It works with both cellular partners.

We don’t even now IF the 4a 5G will become available for Republic. We therefore have no info to the capabilities if and when it becomes available.

I know you’re the expert, but I’m not sure that this is the best way to answer this question. There has literally never been a Pixel device approved for Republic, and the most similar devices (Pixel 4a and Pixel 5) both already have been. There is zero reason to imply that the 4a 5G might not be approved. That strikes me as unintentionally misleading. It is, however, entirely appropriate to state that we have no way of knowing if it will have CDMA support at this time.

Hi @danknapp76,

There’s a dilemma for those of us who are Ambassadors and/or Experts when answering these types of questions. Like you, given past history, I believe Republic will ultimately support the Pixel 4a 5G.

The above said, unless and until Republic makes such an announcement that remains speculation on my part. Not everyone who frequents Community appreciates Republic’s Ambassadors and/or Experts are fellow customers who lack inside information regarding future supported phones. Therefore, we tend to be extremely cautious when answering on that topic.


Thanks very much!
I see where some sites show CDMA for the 4A/5G, so it should have it according to this spec:

Reason I ask is, my spouse wants the larger screen of the 4a/5g, but I like the smaller one on the Pixel 5.

Except for the fact that it might not be. We have no way to know for sure. Do you know what OS modifications Google has made to support DSDS on 5G for the phone? Do you know if those might interfere with the way Republic’s systems work? Because I don’t. I also don’t know if the Pixel 5 has those same modifications (the internet seems to be at odds over this). So, there’s absolutely a legitimate reason to say it may never be supported. That’s because it may never be supported. It should be, it probably will be, but it might not be.

It is a shame that Motorola killed off security updates on a phone that is not even 3 years old (released in June of 2018). The July 1, 2020 security update on this phone means Motorola supported the phone for only 25 months. I don’t really care about Android 10 or 11, but Android security updates are critical to me.
My Z3 play does not have a scratch on it, has never been dropped, and works great. It is a shame to dispose of it. I guess I could load a 3rd party ROM like LineageOS, but the R.W. app will not work on it. Having to deal with Magisk, TWRP, and the danger inherent in a 3rd party ROM is just not worth it anyway. I guess it will end up in the landfill with our Moto X/X2 which were in mint condition too!

Motorola commits to only 24 months of updates. Sad, but that’s their current policy.

Please don’t throw the phone away. Donate it, recycle it, sell it on eBay or Swappa. The phones have value, even if just for removing the lead, copper and gold before they’re disposed of otherwise.

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I have not disposed of the Moto X1/X2 yet, but I did factory reset them. I read somewhere where a factory reset does not clear all the underlying data, unless you had installed encryption before the factory reset, so that is concerning.
On another front, will the Black Friday Amazon version of the Google Pixel 5 model
be supported by Republic Wireless?
It seems to be one of the supported ones in the R.W. thread on supported Pixel 5 phones.
I would hate to drop $650 on that beast and it not be supported by R.W.
I would have to get a replacement GSM SIM card too from R.W.
At least this phone is guaranteed to have 3 years of support.
Thanks again!

Yes, that phone works with Republic.

I’d you’re on a GSM SIM now you can just move it to the new phone and then be sure to install and open the Republic App.

Unless you’re being targeted by world governments or well funded corporate spies, you’re not really in any risk. The process of recovering data from a device once it has been factory reset it an expensive, difficult process that just wouldn’t make sense to attempt unless someone is a specific target.


hey 33, agreed! my Z3P in great condition too but wanted to explore 5G… i got a pixel and didn’t like its feel, taller and less wide due to display ratios these days (returned it). OnePlus 8T just arrived (usps delivered it on thanksgiving lol). this phone feels much better in hand. going with mint mobile as the carrier until RW approves it and provides 5G capability. i’m locked in RW annual plan til may so hopefully by then i can port my number to the 8T. here’s hopn!!!

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