Pixel 5 screen protection recommendations/

Looking for a screen saver for the Google Pixel 5. Reading reviews some challenge the usefulness of a tempered glass screen protector as the P5 (and all new phones) allegedly have a curved glass at the edge. With that said most reviews claim the screen protection is short of reaching the edges of the screen. I have looked at products such as UniqueMe tempered Glass SP and the one I received had dry wet cloths (maybe wet doesn’t actually mean wet?) and videos were for the Samsung S20 . I am returning that one. I ordered the Spigen tempered glass SP but I really have no idea which brand is the best or better? It is also my understanding that the available camera lens protectors for the GP5 do not have a cut out at the microphone. Any suggestions from the community would be appreciated. My next attempt to place a screen protector allegedly arrives 2 Feb with the Spigen. I will add that I purchased the Spigen Liquid Air case per reviews and that fits snug and seems like it will be durable

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