Pixel 5 User Manual

Received my Pixel 5 in mid December. Love it and so easy transferring everything from my old Samsung S8. Have been unable to find a user manual. Any ideas where I can find one. Searching online comes up with nothing. Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe they publish a user manual any longer. Help is supposed to be available from the phone through Google Assistant, or typing in the Google search box. You can find a number of help topics at: https://support.google.com/pixelphone/?hl=en#topic=7078250.


Thanks. I guess I am old school in that I like to download manuals in PDF format and then use the search function in Adobe Reader. I just purchased a C8 Corvette and the manual was nearly 400 pages in English and the Infotainment manual was another 75. Search function was a godsend. Thanks again and will check out the link.


As an author of operation/maintenance manuals that frequently exceed 400 pages, I’m just glad to know someone is actually reading.

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