Pixel 5a 5G: How long does it take for Republic to verify "bring your own phone" compatibility?

@alyssak.z4snxr and @nicholaswilde , given historical information, you’re probably fine. Just in case, I wouldn’t crack open that plastic just yet.


I’m also curious to hear if RW will support the pixel 5a.

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I am awaiting confirmation before buying either a 4a 5G or 5a 5G, and was hoping to have a new phone before I go on call next Monday, but that’s looking less and less likely by the day… :confused:


Pixel 4a 5G (G025E) is already on RW’s OK list. I’ll be shocked if 5a 5G doesn’t get added as well.

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Sure, but the timeframe matters a lot if I’m planning on replacing my phone right now. I can wait a little longer to make this decision, but not for an unlimited amount of time, because my old phone is on its last legs.


Hi @johnz.1hu17e, @dustins.48cf0g, @theresar, @drhtpc, @nicholaswilde, @alyssak.z4snxr, @williams.8gh8ra, and @nathanielj.qdsme5,

Thank you for your interest in bringing a new phone to Republic. We truly appreciate that our members want to remain with us as they upgrade to these exciting new phones.

We are reworking our device certification process to be able to introduce many more devices in the future. Because of this, we are currently not certifying additional devices until that process is completed.

I understand that doesn’t answer the question of “if” or “when” for the new phones you are interested in bringing to our network, but I don’t want anyone making assumptions based on past timelines. When we have news for you about new supported phones, we’ll announce it in our #news category, so please keep an eye on that category for any updates.


I greatly appreciate the update. Do you happen to know approximately how long it’ll take to complete the new certification process?

Hi @nicholaswilde,

As much as I’d like to be able to give you a simple answer about the timing of this project, the timeline is still quite fluid and there are just too many factors that could make our target date shift. I don’t want to end up in a situation where anyone feels like an original target date was published simply to “string members along.”

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@southpaw ,

Thanks for the update. I can certainly understand the conflict there, working in software myself. I would ask for an estimate or date, but could you give us a sense of the amplitude of that outlay (the certification process changes, let alone individual devices being certified after that)? Is it something on the scale of weeks, few months, or perhaps quarters?

Even without any kind of uncertain promises about delivery, knowing the size of the undertaking and range of its projected completion could help folks like myself stuck in limbo make some better informed decisions without making estimates that a fluid schedule can’t promise.

Again, if not I certainly understand, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask and better understand the scope of that undertaking.


I’m in the same boat as @nathanielj.qdsme5. Just a rough idea would help me make more of an informed decision.

Thanks @nathanielj.qdsme5 for the articulating exactly what I was thinking.


Hi @nathanielj.qdsme5,

It is a project that requires a significant amount of work, yet has a very high priority. I cannot give you any type of timeline.

I would encourage you to make the decisions you need to make based on what you know, in order to avoid feeling like you are in limbo.

What do you know for certain? (I think I need a flow chart!)

  • Are you currently on the Republic Wireless Annual Payment plan?
    • Yes: Remember that it is non-refundable, so now may not be the time to be studying a shiny new phone that we’re not yet able to support.
    • No: Is your current phone unusable, necessitating an immediate replacement? Is there some other reason you must make a buying decision now?
      • No: Maybe consider waiting to see what news we bring you at a later date
      • Yes: Is a non-supported phone the only phone you can see yourself using for the next couple of years?
        • Yes: You may have activate it elsewhere. We hope you can avoid a contract and watch for an opportunity to return to Republic.
        • No: We still support over 70 phones for BYOP.

Well, I have an annual plan, but I’m S.O.L. there anyway if I can’t transfer that to a new device, because mine is terminal and in need of replacement in short order, meaning I’ll likely have to get a 4a 5G instead. This was not a question of when unless I thought I could hang in there long enough (which seemed unlikely based on the prior comments), but rather of what I’d be getting when I ultimately have to replace my phone.

The annual plan can be transferred to any compatible device.


What’s going on with the old phone?

It’s a Moto Z Play whose battery can no longer hold a significant charge. It dies regularly anywhere below 80% power and tops out after only a minute or 2 of charging.

Pretty clear symptoms the battery is toast. The only way I’ve been able to limp along for a while is the moto mod battery that has allowed it to function as if it’s constantly charging as long as the mod can charge it. However, the mod is having trouble staying connected, so It’s still dying often when not plugged in.

Repair would cost 200+ and the phone just isn’t worth that.

How about a replacement Incipio Moto Mod Offgrid Power Pack 2220 mAh Battery to see if that can buy you some time? I have one here that has been needing an owner. It’s brand new, except I actually just opened it because it’s so lightweight I was afraid someone had given me an empty box.

It’s yours, on the house, if you think it would be of use. (I’m not sure from your description if the current mod’s failure to stay connected is the mod’s fault or the phone’s fault.)

Well first of all, thank you for the offer. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the mod that’s faulty actually. I think it’s the contact points on the phone. FWIW it seems they’re still worth about $60 to some folks, so you might try selling yours.

I’m sorry to hear you don’t think it would help. It’s not my moto Mod personally, it’s Republic Wireless overstock inventory that needs a good home.

I guess you’ve tried cleaning the contacts with a soft eraser?

Yeah, I’ve tried cleaning the contacts on both sides, I think it’s physically an issue with the pinhole that’s supposed to keep the mod contacts lined up (fault with my phone or just bad design of the mod hookup, not sure).

Thank you for being honest about what you know is going on with RW. I purchased a Pixel 5a 5G for my elderly father because his Moto X 1st Gen just can’t survive much more than living on the charger without playing possum about 4 hours later.

I am a bit disappointed that Republic Wireless decided to stop device certification entirely while they revamp their internal processes. I understand the need to do so; however it is 2021 and this is 1980’s thinking. Maybe it is not as cut and dry as your comment; however the notion that the entire team is dead stop while they figure out how to improve their certification process is a bit backwards.

Part of my disappointment comes from the awfully rapid adoption of the 4a 5G last year (1 week?) to the “indefinate hold” on certifying the Pixel 5a 5G.

One of the biggest reasons I own a Pixel 3 after having the Moto X 1st gen and Moto X 2nd gen is the uniform Android OS and continued support from Google to their phones. It doesn’t come with a bunch of carrier locked garbage on it; each one of their models cover all the basic functions we need and none of the bloatware that other carriers custom load into the firmware of the devices (I’m looking at you: Verizon, AT&T, and (formerly Sprint)).

It runs the same operating system as the other latest Pixel phones, in fact it uses the same chipset as the Pixel 5 phone; I am having a hard time understanding what is so different hardware wise that its not much more than a copy/paste in the database of allowed devices (I realize its not as simple as that).

Here is some feedback to your team approving devices since they are reworking their process:

  1. Make a partial certification for RW
    a. Makes phone calls on Cell
    b. Makes phone calls on WiFi
    c. Can send and recieve Text/MMS messages (or to make things simple just Text messages since they are literally text!)
  2. Make a full certification for RW
    a. Does all the things from before and whatever bonus stuff that is not included in the core functionality of partial certification

Under partial certification: no official support from RW. Its a your mileage may vary scenario; things are not guaranteed to work except the two basic things cell phones have done for decades.

I was considering getting it setup on Google FI since it has an eSIM (I hope this is on your dev. teams list of “oh yeah we should do that”) and just forwarding the phone and messages to that number temporarily until RW finishes green lighting the Pixel 5a 5G.

However, when I looked into doing this Google’s documentation only talks about activating the eSIM (since it can do both regular SIM card and eSIM simultaneously) only if it currently has service with another carrier. So the RW sim I have installed will not do the trick since I can’t activate it because the RW App says this phone is not compatible. So much for this idea. I really would like to stay with RW but maybe going through the trouble of porting his number to Google FI and then maybe porting it back to RW once its is “approved” is worth the hassle.


P.S. If you have a beta test group for the 5a, count me in.

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