Pixel 5a 5G: How long does it take for Republic to verify "bring your own phone" compatibility?

Thanks for giving the information that you can. Here’s my $0.02.

I (somewhat foolishly) bought a Pixel 5a without even considering that Republic Wireless might not support it yet. So I’m disappointed, but not upset. I still use RW on my previous phone (Pixel 3, which I like, but the battery is not great and the camera is faulty from too many drops).

For the time being I have activated Google Fi on my new Pixel 5a, just to see what it’s like. I am considering moving my RW number there (it’s hard to really test a phone when no one knows the new number). If I move my number to Fi and RW adds support for the 5a, I would strongly consider switching back to RW. Our family has been on RW for 9 years, so this feels meaningful to me. As an aside, the main thing Fi has which RW lacks is international calling and roaming; but that is not a deal-killer for me, which is why I haven’t switched previously.

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@southpaw - Thanks for looking into your :crystal_ball: - that is truly helpful. I will have to considering temporarily moving to another provider but its likely that I will be back.


Hi @ghamerly,

Thanks for breaking a 9-year Community silence to chip in your very meaningful feedback!

It’s encouraging to me that the idea of changing cell phone providers presents a difficult decision for some of our long-time members. In the industry, the common understanding is that most people just stay with their current provider because it’s easier than changing. (“Inertia.”) That so many people want to stay with Republic to the point of being disappointed about the current freeze on device certifications (and even trying to persuade us otherwise) seems to tell me we’re doing something right.

@ghamerly, @mikel.n3bq8g and others who may be reading but not chiming in:
Don’t get too comfortable on Fi (or elsewhere), please. I’m looking forward to planning a big (virtual) welcome-back party.


You could use Republic’s voicemail forwarding (call forwarding on no answer) to send calls from your Republic Pixel 3 to your new Pixel 5a on Google Fi. Granted, those you call from the Pixel 5a would still see an unfamiliar number rather than your Republic number they are accustomed to seeing when you call. Moving your Republic number to Fi would be the only way to solve for that.

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@rolandh - Couple of other downsides to that:

  • won’t work for texts (i assume)
  • you would be paying for 2 service providers

You are correct.

It’s been mentioned here by those who’ve purchased Google’s Pixel 5a that Google Fi provides free service for three months as part of the purchase.

In any event, I didn’t make the suggestion as an ideal option. But, for those reluctant to move their Republic number elsewhere even temporarily, it’s an option.

FYI - I just made the switch to Google Fi. Pretty painless. Hopefully RW will support the phone by the time my 3 mo. free trial is done and I can come back. My son’s phone is still on RW so I’m not totally gone :slight_smile:


I’m considering still getting a Pixel 6 when it comes out, but I don’t want to switch to Fi even temporarily because then I will lose my beta tester discount. :joy:

Hi @minilaura,

If Republic is unable to support the Pixel 6 when it’s released and you would like to activate the Pixel 6 with an alternate service provider without sacrificing your beta member discount, please come back and ask at that time. There are options for doing so though availing yourself of those options would require you continue to pay for Republic service while simultaneously using the Pixel 6 with another provider. I do not know whether Google Fi intends to offer three months of free service with the Pixel 6 as it currently does for the Pixel 5a.

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“Moving your Republic number to Fi would be the only way to solve for that.”

Another option is porting the Republic number to Google Voice, then having GV ring the Fi number. That way moving back would be easy. He would just change where GV sends the calls/texts. He wouldn’t have to pay Republic while using Fi but would lose the Republic beta discount if he has in now.

Thanks @southpaw et al. for the helpful information… I just did the same foolish thing as @ghamerly, bought a Pixel 5a assuming RW supported all the Pixels. Put the sim in the 5a this morning and was surprised to see the ‘unsupported device’ message!

I’ve been happy with RW the past few years but am going to move my number to Fi so I can use the new phone, even though I have 2 months left on my annual RW plan. The 3 months of free Fi makes it easy, otherwise I might have just waited. Planning to move outside the US soon and was going to have to cancel with RW anyway.

Fi does have good international roaming, so continuing to use Fi after moving out of the U.S. is one option. Still, you’d probably be better off obtaining local (in country) cellular service once you move.

If you do choose to obtain local service after the move and would still like to keep your U.S. number, there would be a couple of options with Fi. Presuming you activate Fi on the Pixel 5a’s eSIM, you could obtain local service on a physical SIM and use a dual SIM configuration. Doing so would mean paying for both Fi and local service.

Another option would be to cancel Fi service after setting up local cellular service. When canceling Fi service (for any reason), there is the option of moving one’s Fi number to Google Voice.

Hi @brians.grisxi,

Welcome to our Member Community, though I’m sorry to see your first post is a farewell message. Thanks for the kind words as you look at making a change. Best of luck to you as you move away from the US!

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