Pixel 6 Not Supported?

The Republic App says my Pixel 6 is not supported, but the model number is on the list of supported phones.

Hi @John.M642 and welcome to the Community!

Google’s Pixel 6 is supported on Republic’s new 5.0 plans. Republic’s 5.0 plans require a new SIM. The Republic app is not used to activate a new 5.0 plan SIM.

Google’s Pixel 6 is not supported on Republic’s 4.0 (a/k/a My Choice plans).

Do you have a new 5.0 SIM you wish to activate in the Pixel 6? Or, are you trying to use an existing SIM from a current Republic phone?

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I will order a new sim card, thanks!

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Hey! I saw the same issue on my Moto G Stylus 5G. Apparently when I ported over my data this ported over the republic app. Apparently this is because the republic app is only tied to the legacy plans, and has nothing to do with the 5.0 plans. That’s why it’s claiming it’s incompatible–because it’s not compatible with the My Choice plans.

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