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I have searched the kb and cannot find a definitive answer on if the pixel g-2pw4100-021-B works on RW. There is an g-2pw4100-021-A variant as well. From what I can tell one is unlocked and the other is from Verizon.

The supported phones list the model supported as (g-2pw4100) Any info is appreciated.




Hi @jasonr.tvrpnn,

If the Pixel 2s follow in the footsteps of the original Pixels, either model would work. That said, the original Verizon Pixel was available only at Verizon stores and Best Buy. The former obviously wouldn’t sell it without Verizon service attached and the latter wasn’t supposed to. I suggest buying the unlocked variant from Google would be the best bet.

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I would if that option was available – problem is that I have a Verizon -B version on my desk and need to know if this is supported.

Thanks for the quick reply!



If you have the phone in had the easiest way to tell if it’s supported is to install the Republic app and let it run the compatibility check

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Hi @jasonr.tvrpnn,
To the best of my knowledge, the A/B designation is only for color of the Verizon variants:


When you install the Republic App as @drm186 suggested, what does it tell you as far as being compatible or not?

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My understanding is the Pixel 2s are available for preorder only at this time. I don’t believe there’s yet a way to install Republic’s app.



That model number is the original Pixel, not the Pixel 2.



Duh, I guess I got so caught up in the hype surrounding the Pixel 2s, my reading comprehension skills have taken a vacation.

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Thank you, this phone is supported and i still have one of those free sim cards from when 3.0 was released, i’m going to try it out tonight!!

thanks everyone, <3 rw


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