Pixel XL suddenly does not think a SIM card is present

Hi, My Google Pixel XL suddenly does not think a SIM card is inserted. Did not get a new one or change SIM cards. I’ve restarted the phone several times and removed and replaced the card twice with no change. I ran the phone diagnostics test and that also said there’s no SIM card in the phone. I have the call/text/1GB data plan.

Hi @kathleens.gvbna3,

Try taking the SIM out again and giving the “gold side” a little wipe.
Then on the other side of the SIM try using a small cut piece of tape to “thicken” the SIM a little. Reinsert, and let us know if it helps. :crossed_fingers:


Hi, Thanks or your help. I did both things and still “have” no SIM card. Phone also gets warm when the screen is on for even a couple minutes. Feels like my phone is just near death?

Ya, that doesn’t sound very good in addition to the SIM failing. (It’s starting to sound like its the phone and not the SIM.)

Is this the original Pixel XL? If so, good job keeping it going all these years! :slight_smile:
But it might be time to upgrade. :wink:

Yep, I think so too. :disappointed: It is the original XL I think; it was my son’s first, and e thinks he bought it about 5 or 6? years ago, so it’s had a good run.
Thank you so much for your help and kindness! The RW community is so awesome! :heart_eyes:


You’re very welcome :sunflower:

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