Pixelated Android Messages video


Is there anyway to fix the Android Messages videos that are pixelated? When I take videos on Messages they are grainy/pixelated. When I use the regular camera to take video for Photos it looks fine. I have a Moto G 4. I’ve already Cleared Data as suggested by R.W.


could you put the phone in safe mode and see if it becomes non-pixelated

if so then there is an app that is causing problems with the camera


Hi @keithm.8alurg,

Videos taken within the messaging app will be of a lesser quality than those taken directly from the Camera app, so that they are small enough files to send by text message.

If you need to send high-quality videos, you may want to think about finding a different way to share them, like E-mail or a shared folder in Google Drive.


Tried safe mode, even cleared cache partition with no success. Guess it just compresses the information so much for sending as a message.


Looks like that is the case as nothing that has been suggested by RW or Motorola makes a difference. Thanks


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