Places to get Republic Compatible Phones while stock is low

The Republic store is currently challenged at keeping things in stock because of supply constraints with the cellular manufacturers. Because of that I thought these resources might be helpful. Republic SIM Cards:

Here are where you can get compatible phones:

Google Pixel 3a: or

Google Pixel 3a XL: or

Google Pixel 4: or

Google Pixel 4 XL: or or

LG Stylo 5:

Moto E6: or

Moto G7 Power: or

Moto G7 Play: or

Moto G7: or

Moto Power:

Moto Stylus:

Moto Z4: or

Samsung Galaxy A20:

Samsung Galaxy A50:

Samsung Galaxy S10e:

Samsung Galaxy S10: or

Samsung Galaxy S10+: or

Samsung Galaxy S20: or

Samsung Galaxy S20+: or

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: or


Has there been a run on cell phones nationwide due to Covid-19?


Many cell phones are manufactured in places impacted by COVID-19 not to mention worldwide logistics challenges resulting from COVID-19. I think it’s fair to say getting it (whatever it may be including cell phones) is more complicated as a result of COVID-19.

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Nope, other end of the line. Manufacturing mostly done in China. Manufacturing shut down. No restocking available. (Same reason you’re likely having to provide therapy to so many more planes that are not flying or flying around the world empty and have really taken a hit to their self-worth).

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