Plan coverage when switching from a RW Moto G (1st gen) to a RW Moto X Pure

My son has an old RW Moto G on the $10/month talk and text plan. It’s so old and slow it’s becoming unusable. We have an old RW Moto X Pure (that we would do a factory reset on) that he’s interested in using. Would we be able to keep the $10/month plan if he switches to it? Or would it be better to do a factory reset on the Moto G?? Hubby and I are super NOT tech-savvy and could use some help. :slight_smile: Thank you!

the $10 legacy plans are link t the custom ROM legacy phone (the 1st gen Moto X, E, G, 2nd Gen Moto X, E, and 3rd Gen Moto G) all newer phones like the Moto X Pure (Moto X 3rd Gen) must use the my choice plan which is $15 base,
also note if the Moto X Pure SIM has been deactivated for more than 20 days you will need a new SIM
current BYOD SIM is GSM (T-Mobile) vs the CDMA (Sprint) that the legacy phones uses though a support ticket could send out a CDMA replacement if GSM coverage is not as good (most find it the same some find it better but it all depends on location)

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Hi @jessicav.xoz3kw,

Since, you mentioned you’re not tech savvy, I’m going to repeat the answer you received before, but in more basic terms.

The Moto X Pure will activate on the My Choice plan, not your son’s current $10 plan.

You’ll need a new SIM card to activate it.

You might notice a difference in cellular coverage between the Moto G and Moto X Pure. If coverage is worse on the X Pure, just let us know and we can help.


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