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Hi everyone I have a couple of questions regarding a gift that was activated to a Moto ‘E’ from the Defy ‘XT’. The phone was activated to the ‘My Choice Talk & Text’. That plan is not the same as the ‘My Choice + 1GB’ is it? That plan is $15.00 and the ‘+ 1GB’ is $20.00 correct?
Thanks in advance.


The My Choice talk and text is the base plan [$15] of the my choice plan set, one can still add a one time buy of a 1 GB [this billing cycle] [$5] or change to the 1 GB recurring data [$20] plan (includes the base talk and text) though the app.


@scarablover With the $15 base plan you will have unlimited talk and text and be able to use data only when connected to wifi.

That plan does not include cell data. Cell data is used for “online” things such as google searches, checking email, using Facebook, and certain apps such as snapchat, when not connected to wifi.

If you do not have a need to do any of those things when you are not connected to wifi, then you can stay with the $15 base plan. If you do like have cell data for times when you do not have a data connection, then you can add 1GB of data for an additional $5/month.


Thank you that’s what I thought.


Thank you that’s what I thought. I appreciate all the help.


Your welcome