Plan total question

What is the plan total that will be payable upon when my phone (Moto 4 g play) that i am buying is activated? Thought republic had a 15/mo plan. also thought moto g 4 play was for sale for 129. Now it is 149 plus 22 ship and taxes. Not as cheap as i thought on either phone or plan (apparently). Having to post questions is also a bit frustrating. feel like i could go forward in about a minute if i could just talk to some

The promotion on the G4 Play ended, it is back to its normal price. You don’t pay for the plan now, you pay for it when you activate.

I noticed you asked about the total, that will be shown on that last page where you’re checking out. There is a $15 plan (talk/text only) and you’ll see the total with taxes shown on the last page before submitting the order.

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