Planet Computers Astro Slide 5g

I was looking around just curious about 5G phones out there and this one is out there - US$1007.00. No, I do not know if that includes shipping from the UK. It’s a fun read for those of us who use a Bluetooth keyboard whenever possible instead of the tiny torture keys on the phone. My thumbs thank me.
As little as I use my phone for actual calls a thousand U.S. dollars is way over the top.

I suspect this will not be in the Republic store. Still, what a toy this would be!
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Heavy… literally. 11.5 ounces.

That Planet is not a phone-in-a-pocket solution. The reason I have no newer phone than my Moto G7 Play on Android 10 is that the new phones keep growing taller and heavier. My next phone will truly be one that is smaller than the current trend. I’m still looking.