Planning to upgrade



I have Base Plan with my Moto G first generation for a long time. Now I like to purchase new Motorola from Best Bay, stay on same plan so basically, I’m taking RW sim card from my old phone and install in new?


Nope. The Moto G1 has no SIM card as it is a 3G phone. SIM cards are for 4G LTE access.

You will need to purchase a 3.0 compatible phone.
See this list. Buy Buy may not sell the Factory Unlocked compatible models, but instead Carrier specific models that will not work with R.W.


You will need to purchase the BYOP SIM from the Republic store.

Also, some things to note, the new 3.0 phones use a different plan, theMy Choice Plan and the GSM network partner, so you may experience difference coverage than your old phone, that was locked to CDMA.


If I purchase new phone from RW my Base Plan remain the same?


No all new phones must use the My Choice plans which is $15 base with option to add data at $5 per GB
The old legacy plans the base was $10 these planes only worked with the old legacy phones [Moto X1, X2, E1, E2, G1, G3]


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