Plans $10 & $5

1-Do you still have plans $10 & $5 per month.

2- Will phone Moto G4 play good choice for plans $10 & &5.

I also had this question. Do the new phones such as the Moto Pure X still have at least the $5 wifi plan? I am out of the country a lot but usually always around wifi and loved that Republic Wireless had this option.

no there is no $5 plan in 3.0 (do to the Republic number now being bonded to the underlying carrier SIM which means that the SIM needs to be activated)

the $10 plan became the $15 plan in 3.0

Our Most Affordable Plans at $15/month, with Unlimited Talk & Text | Republic Wireless

No. My phone is offering the 5 & 10 and no 15, therefore I will not be signing up!

only phones that will have the $5, or $10 option is the Legacy phones which are not able to use the 3.0 plans so they keep the 2.0 (or a grandfathered 1.0 plans)
the Legacy phones are the Moto X 1st, Moto G 1st, Moto E 1st, Moto X 2nd, Moto W 2nd, and Moto G 3rd

all newer phones are 3.0 and need a 3.0 plan (which is $15 for calling and text on Cell and WiFi data is the lowest)

So I truly will be charged $6.82?

Most likely all Republic plans are plus taxes which are calculated locally.


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@garys.rg4t8j Be aware that the $5 plan you are referring to is WiFi only. That means you will not have service when away from WiFi, even for calling and texting. If you would like to use your phone away from WiFi, you will need the $10 plan.

??? Confused now. I was under impression I could use as a cell phone
ONLY for talk and text, the phone will handoff if out of WIFI ranges.
Therefore what is the point in the $5 plan?

So…, I go to my phone and if I choose a $10 plan it indicates 0GB!
Frankly I see no difference between WIFI only at $5 and a $10 plan
which offers 0GB of data! Explain this one!

0 is 0, right?


The $5 plan is WiFi only [i.e. voice, text, and data via WiFi and no cell coverage] it’s good as a home phone replacement.
The $10 plan is cell voice, cell text, WiFi voice, WiFi text and WiFi data

edit to add
I know some on the $5 plan who feel they are around WiFi so much that they don’t need cell coverage and take there phone with them to the store, work, where they attach to WiFi as the only time there not in WiFi is when they are driving and there they don’t want the interruption. and even a phone on the $5 plan will use cell towers for 911 calls if needed

here the screen shot from the 2.0 plan page showing $5 being WiFi only and $10 being Voice {talk} and text cell and no data (first plan with data is the $17.50 for 0.5 GB {512 MB} 2.0 refund plans

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