Playing music files with Moto X4



Probably the odd man out these days, but I don’t use music streaming apps on my phone, per se, and I do have a couple of HiRes music players I use on occasion, mostly at home. However, those players are not safe with their little screens and having to scramble to pause if a call or text comes in while driving (no Bluetooth). Not to mention that streaming apps like Spotify or Pandora require using data on the road, as far as I know.

Well, now with my Moto X4 I have discovered a solution: Onkyo’s HF Player app. I even dumped some 24/96K FLAC files on the microSD card and the app plays them, too! Very cool. It may not play them at that resolution, but I don’t care when I am driving. Artwork displays, too. Tried a couple of other apps, but this one seems to be the answer for those of us old school-type listeners :joy:


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Link to Google Play for the free version of Onkyo’s HF Player mentioned above as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) by @rosedoodle


Thanks @jben -meant to do that :blush:


Have you tried Foobar2000? Just curious how it compares. Music players that don’t support FLAC really should not exist anymore…

As far as I know, there are no free music services that support downloading music, but Slacker allows you to starting at $3.99 per month.


Tried VLC for playing the files, but it didn’t seem play all the files in an album, nor did it recognize higher than CD resolution files. Not sure why. will look into Foobar2000. Sounds familiar…
Did the free trial with Tidal last year, which is kinda awesome, though kinda pricey for me. The only streaming I do is on a radio that gets all kinds of streaming radio stations- mine is usually tuned to Giants of Jazz Radio.

I copy CDs I already bought or buy FLAC files from:


which is so very cool with all the different Indie labels available there, like:


Now I know if I forget my player and I’m stuck somewhere with only my phone, I have good little headphones and I’m set. Gotta have tunes!


Thanks for the links. I’ve used Bandcamp but I will need to check out the others.

My only question about the Onkyo player is this note in the description.

“Note: Audio with a sampling rate exceeding 88.2 kHz is downsampled to 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz.”

I will still check out the Onkyo app. There is a noticeable difference between playing FLAC files (even if ripped from a CD) through Foobar 2000 and playing the same songs directly from Amazon Music, and it’s even noticeable on my bluetooth speaker (granted, it is a Riva Turbo X so maybe that should be expected).


@drog I wouldn’t doubt that is the case with the downsampling. I do have dedicated players for those files, just not for on the road. My noisy little car makes it a waste, anyway!

What about the Poweramp Music Player ? Might be a solution. Will check it out. Might be worth $4 if it is that much better.


I’ve heard good things about Poweamp but its been yearscsince I last used it. It does look interesting but I’m kind of partial to. Foobar2000. Poweramp does have some cool feature though. I find I can’t handle listening to streaming music or many mp3s without some sort of smart upsampling enhancement and it looks like Poweramp has that feature so it may well be worth the few dollars they are asking for.


Google Play Music will play local music files too but theres no real way to easily organize and add them.