Please add support for Nokia 6.1 phone

Just want to add a request for support of Nokia 6.1 phones. They are now available (Amazon, Walmart, & Best Buy) for purchase in the US and unlike many smart phones, they are in Google’s Android One program. This means that unlike Motorola, Samsung, and others, they are guaranteed to get reasonably speedy OS updates for two years from their release dates and timely monthly security patches for three years. It’s been really frustrating knowing how many security updates our phones (both Motorola) have missed out on.

Being in the Android One program also means they must run “pure” Android SW. So since RW already supports various Google Pixel phones, running pure Android, the Nokia 6.1 running unmolested (er, unmodified) Android sw should be a no-brainer for inclusion in the BYOP program.

I’m with RW because of the affordability and have been here since the company was still in Beta. Getting Android updates (security or new OS versions) on phones has become near impossible unless you shell out a ton of money for a Pixel. The new Nokia is finally an affordable alternative.

Please, please, please add them to the list of supported phones.


Hoping for the same thing. Need more affordable phone options besides Motorola with their poor software update support and Samsung

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Guaranteed updates would be a welcomed feature. That’s a huge problem with Android.

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Thats why u get a Google Pixel phone :grinning:

Can’t agree more with the cg1, seriously considering moving to Mint or Red Pocket because of support for the Nokia 6.1.

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They just announced the Moto G6 is coming to R.W.

Honesty, Nokia is dead in the smartphone industry. No one sells them in stores since the Win phone days, even then they were a very low selling thing. I dont know or see anyone with a Nokia anywhere these days. The current model is so niche, more so than even the Essential and Razer phone, it highly unlikely to be on R.W. radar to test for possible support.

That being said, u can fill out the survey of what phone u would want to see R.W. look at in the future:

How do you know this? You are spouting pure speculation as if it’s truth. Please stop.

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From what the labeled Experts and Ambassadors have already stated in other “when will this be supported” threads.

Edit: For example:
"…is an intriguing phone but it’s far from clear if there’s market demand for it. "
“Given the… relative lack of popularity in the market, Republic simply may not have tested it yet…”

Any discussion on what phones R.W supports is pure speculation and guesses by customers. As been stated, R.W do not officially post or discuss what future phone models they are considering. They only post when they announce a new supported phone. That why I stated “its highly unlikely” because it is such a rarely used or available, not well known device brand to the average person in todays market.

I completely agree that R.W should look into supporting it and many other devices I could list…but I am a realist and can see their logic in priority on far more popular and well known models.

Would you have predicted the same for the Huawei Ascend 5W and the Alcatel A30?


both those phone came out of left field in my opinion as there was no demand called for in the forums for these budget phones other than a budget option besides Motorola

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Yes. I would have. In fact, I have never heard of Alcatel brand before seeing it on R.W site.
(and the reviews are quite poor for that low end device…to be expected for such a cheap low end device) But it works for basic use for calls and texts and for some thats all they want/need. CLosest thing to a “basic phone” u can get on R.W.

Also, those phones were added before I was an R.W customer.

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Look, a whole family of Android One (or Go) phones. C’mon Republic.


Pretty please, Republic?

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One more article to reflect the move to Nokia.


I’m also very interested in the recent line of Nokia phones. I want to keep this thread active to let RW know there is a demand for these phones. Nokia seems to be gaining a lot of ground and others have started to take notice. It seems like a no-brainer to at least offer this phone as a BYOD.

I’m locking this topic and asking that you please continue the conversation in this very similar topic:

We’d like to hear more about the features that make Nokia phones more interesting to you than the phones we currently offer.

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