Please don't auto-enable WiFi when on airplane mode

This weekend while out backpacking, I noticed that the Republic app kept switching on WiFi when I reboot the phone. The thing is, I keep my phone on airplane mode when in the woods to save battery while keeping it available to take photos. I also will shut the phone off completely at night for the same reason.

When I remember to re-disable wifi after Republic enables it, it’s an annoyance. If I forget, it could potentially leave me with a dead battery, missing out on photos and unable to contact anyone in case of emergency. I could also see this being a problem for someone rebooting their phone on an actual airplane.

I understand the reasoning for auto-enabling WiFi under normal circumstances. But auto-enabling WiFi while in airplane mode doesn’t save Republic any money, since the whole point is to not connect to cell towers. Would you please update the app to only auto-enable wifi when the cellular radio is on, and leave WiFi off if the phone is in airplane mode?

Thank you.

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What model phone do you have?

The R.W app will auto enable wifi at boot. (as informed by Southpaw below)

If you have a 3.0 phone, and it is force enabling WiFi when idle, then check the Advanced Settings or Wi-Fi Preferences under the System WiFi settings. Many phones have a built in option called " Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically"

Also, some phones may have a option somewhere in settings, that will Auto enable WiFi if you launch an app that is known to use a lot of data.

Hi @dericke,

Having seen Community posts, Chats, and Tickets for the last two years, I can assure you that if we did as you’ve suggested, we’d have furious complaints from people insisting we did it on purpose to make them use cell data so we could charge them more. (Yes, I know, even though the point is that you’re in Airplane mode.)

Given a choice of people thinking we’re a greedy corporation making decisions just to squeeze another $5 out of a member now and then, or causing an irritation that you have to remember to disable Wi-Fi on boot when you’re camping, I think we’ve opted for the choice that causes the least ill will.

Have you ever used the Macrodroid app? I just wrote a macro that says, “When the phone boots, wait one minute, then if Airplane mode is enabled, disable Wi-Fi.” I tested it on my Moto X Pure and it does keep Wi-Fi turned off on a reboot in airplane mode.

Could you use that as a workaround?

Here it is, and it works on my Moto X Pure:


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

This is simply not the case. The Republic app enables Wi-Fi on boot, and notifies you that it has done so:

Really? It sure doesn’t for me on my Pixel XL. I just tested it.
What phone is that in your screen shot?

It is my Moto X Pure.

I have one of those, but its running a custom rom, not stock Moto.
I have to give that a try on my mothers Moto E4 next time I see her.

Sorry to give incorrect info, ( edited my first post) but my Pixel and Nexus 5X stays in Airplane mode and the R.W app does not force enable wifi at boot…or anytime. So hence, I thought that is how it was on all 3.0 phones.

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