Please don't drop the educator discount program!

Republic Wireless,
I have been with you for a long time and was EXTREMELY grateful and excited when you rolled out the Educator Discount because it allowed me to add on better phones and data for my three sons (2 of which who will be in college next year) as well as my wife who is also a teacher. This program is why we went ALL IN with RW and by discontinuing it next year it suddenly feels like a “bait and switch” con. It was never advertised as a promotion with an expiration, merely a straight forward discount. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! I understand if you are no longer taking new customers into the discount, but it is not fair to drop those of us who did get in early. I LOVE where we are at in our relationship with Republic, please allow this to continue!

Hi @michaelm.wdi1pd,

Thanks for your heartfelt feedback.

It is a great deal, and not one we can offer endlessly. I see the original PWK blog is no longer available as some transitional work on our blog platform is taking place, but when we launched, we did indicate that we were committing to the discount through May of 2020. I said so in the original PWK discussion.

We’ve never intended to trick or bait-and-switch anyone. We offered our service at a considerable discount for a limited time, and we’ll continue to look for ways to offer incredible value to all our members.


Offering a service and delivering it as promised is well, the opposite of bait and switch.

Actually it was. It was in the announcement post. It was on the bottom of the landing page about the discount. It was in the terms and conditions of the program. It was conceived, launched, and run as a limited time program.

Here’s the good news. The phones you have with Republic are all factory unlocked devices that can be used with any other carrier. You’re able to shop around and find the best deal you can!


Thanks for the quick feedback and sorry for any venom in the original post, early morning isn’t the time to type rationally, especially under-caffeinated! Haha. I really don’t remember reading the limited time offer, but it was a while ago so that’s my bad. It really is a great deal and I really wish they could continue or at least perhaps modify the discount in the future? No matter what happens, it was a wonderful perk and I am thankful!


Dear Republic Wireless -

Thank you for your support of educators! Although I am disappointed that the discount is ending, I am grateful for the time it lasted. I believe in the quality of your company and the products you provide.


Tim Lenczycki
Chemistry Teacher
Fort Collins, CO


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