Please help; I'm losing income!

I have been unable to work since I tried to activate my 5.0 SIM card 36 hours ago. I have literally lost hundreds of dollars in income. Is there any hope that my phone will be activated soon? Shall I just try to switch to another carrier? I need to be able to work the day after Christmas. I have been promised an email. I have been told a ticket would be opened twice. I haven’t received any news or email in 36 hours. Someone please help!!

Hi @wenderly,

I’m sorry this experience has left you in such a dire situation. Are you able to restore your previous SIM card to your phone to see if it is still working?

I was told that it wouldn’t work so I didn’t try. Should I attempt to put in the old card and see if it would work. I’ve been afraid to try in case it made the activation process even longer.

Actually I just realized. I threw the old one away when I was told it wouldn’t work. :weary:

Hi @wenderley,

I’m sorry the old SIM card is gone. Our engineers are continuing to work on the activation issues, and until they have a solution in place, there’s not a fix any of our Help Team technicians can do to get your phone working.

Do you have access to another phone that you might use to try checking your voicemail remotely?

I don’t have immediate access to another phone. Why should I be checking my voicemail? Should I be expecting a message there instead of email?

I believe checking voicemail by calling your number from another phone was to see if anyone left you voicemail for your activity you are losing money from.
If you do any of this activity by message or texting, you can download the republic anywhere app from the Play store and sign into it using your My Choice account information. You can receive and send texts using your republic wireless number. Hope this helps some.

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Just wanted to chime in that you’re not alone. I’ve been trying to get my phones activated on the new plan since the 22nd. I’ve been without a phone (and my cell phone is my only phone!) since December 24th. I had my help ticket closed on me and finally sat down at the computer to see that this is an issue affecting a lot of people and there’s no ETA on a resolution. This is completely unacceptable.

Hi @reneer.zxdm5e and welcome to the Community!

By chance, do you still have your old SIMs? If so and you restore them to the phone(s), do they still work?

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I did get one to work on my 4.0 plan. One of the people I talked to told me that I could uninstall the republic wireless app since it won’t work on 5.0 plans. I just got a message that I can’t receive texts without the republic wireless app and I get a link to install it but it takes me to the activation page. (I couldn’t uninstall it so I disabled it.) I was able to go into the Play Store and search for it and tap on enable. My phone is blowing up now with all the missed messages!
This whole fiasco has caused so much stress. I’ve ended up with 3 accounts, 6 sim cards (total for now, I have 2 more on the way,) more tickets created since the 15th than I’ve had to create after YEARS of being a RW customer. Thank you for suggesting that while I figure out what to do next!

The root cause of the delay in getting your 5.0 SIMs activated is apparently an issue with porting the numbers from My Choice to 5.0. Previously when moving service between Republic phones, the underlying carrier remained the same. 5.0 plans use a different carrier (AT&T), so moving service to the new SIMs involves porting the number(s) to AT&T’s network (the same as if you were moving service to another provider).

Until the port(s) actually complete, your old 4.0 SIMs should continue to have service. Please note, I’m not defending the current circumstances. I’m doing my best to explain and offer a way to restore service to your phone(s) in the interim.


I sincerely appreciate the help and the explanation as to what’s going on.


Ok. Thanks. I drive for Instacart and can’t work without my phone. Voicemail is not the issue. Thanks.

Sadly, a tech told me it wouldn’t work, so while I was cleaning up, I threw it out. So sad I got that misinformation.

I understand and very much wish those manning Republic’s new phone support hadn’t misinformed you.

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Sure wish I had checked here before trying to activate. We have lines we’ve been trying to activate all day. How are we supposed to live and work with no phone at all?? Up a creek without a phone. Beyond frustrating.

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