PLEASE HELP! Invalid number after porting from Google Voice



Phone Brand : Motorola
Phone Model : Moto G3
Plan : Beta $19, Refund 2.0 plan (I think)
Plan Data : No

Issue Description

I ported from Google Voice today and got emails from both Google and Republic saying the process was complete. However when I try calling my phone, I get three beeps and an “invalid number” message. I am deploying to Houston for disaster relief tomorrow and need this straightened out today!! Also this is my business phone. Help!


Unfortunately this community can’t help you with this. Please click on Help and open a service ticket.


Hi @rosewood924,

I have escalated your ticket for prompt attention so we can get this resolved before you deploy.


Thank you! Just did a bunch of testing and I can tell you that I can
receive calls apparently from Google fi and Verizon, but not from T-Mobile
or AT&T users.


Our technicians are working on your ticket, and they don’t monitor the Community threads. I’m confident they understand the issue based on your original description, but if you think of any other information that you think they may find useful, please do update your ticket for them.


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