Please help me transfer my number to my new phone

Hello, i have purchased a new phone with you all. My old phone that i have(also with you all) has a cracked screen. I can not figure out how to transfer my phone number to the new phone?

You would just activate the new phone and during the activation process choose replace/upgrade

Those are great instructions for people already on the “My Choice” plan, but what about people coming from an old Moto X1 or X2 on the old plans?

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Thanks for that help link, but when it says this:
“Be sure to use the same login credentials as your existing phone”
Is this your google account that you use for the phone, or your Republic Wireless account login (mine is different).
Also, what about any non-republic “system” updates to Android (like security updates or updates to Android Pie)?
Should I do those before or after going through the process of replacing my old X1?

You will need to setup the phone with both, first your Google account, to use the phone, and you will then install the R>W app and log into that using your RW account info.

You will also want to do all the system updates. there many be multiple. Check for updates, let it install and reboot, then check again until there are none. Apps will update via the Play Store.

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Hi @ashlyh,

Were you able to get your new phone set up with your existing phone number?

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