Poetic Affinity Slim Fit Moto G5 Plus Clear Case With Anti-Slip Side Grip


Does anyone know anything about Poetic Affinity Slim Fit Moto G5 Plus Clear Case With Anti-Slip Side Grip. Looking for a case for my new g5 play


And do I need a screen protector? If so recommendations?

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Having a screen protector is largely a matter of personal preference. If your phone “hits the deck” with any frequency, it would be a good idea to have a screen protector.


Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

How about if I just send you an Incipio DualPro like we have on our website, as a gift? I have a few customer returns that are unused, but can’t be sold as new.


Can I talk you into the hot pink?!


I put tempered glass screens on all my phones. My current MPX has a couple of cracks in the protector, but the screen on the phone is fine.
My X2 had many cracks and dings but the screen was still perfect when I gifted it.

My son has already been through two on his G5, but the screen is fine. Yes, I would recommend a screen protector. I use the Sparin brand, you get two high quality protectors at a great price.


There are many good cases for the Moto 5 series phones. Which are the betters cases generally comes down to personal preferences. I like the anti-slip features of the Speck case. But, I don’t have a 5G Play.

As for screen protection, I highly recommend a tempered glass screen protect from a reputable maker. They are many times better than the film screen protectors.


Thank you for your generous offer. I bought the fine gold 5G and pink would not work for me


I just read all the reviews on Amazon for Sparin, either they love it (most reviews) or hate it. So I am nervous about installing glass cover. I have never used a glass protector. I have always bought cases with built in plastic protectors.

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Personally, once I started using glass I never wanted to go back to film. I even put glass on my Kindle.

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Thank you! I ordered it and It will be here today 3/2

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