Poor call quality since 9-4-18


I am suddenly having the same call quality issues i had before as described in this past thread:

“Audio drops out, digitizes. A call will start on Wifi, but then hands over to cell, where the quality is even worse at times. Its ranges from moderate to severe.”

I can force a call to stay on wifi, or on cell, and it still is breaking up badly.

I just a few hours ago, updated my 1st gen Pixel XL to the Sept 2018 Security Android 9.0 update OTA. I had made a call eailer, before the update and things were fine.

I have cleared the R.W. app cache, and done the VOIP reset and rebooted.

Anyone else with a Pixel having call quality issues since this months update?

Now experienceing erratic phone call quality over WiFi after upgrade

I just activated my refurbished Pixel 1 with Android Pie installed before activating. I don’t appear to be having this issue.


Call quality is still bad. And it is also affecting my mothers phone to. A Moto E4.
The last couple times I have talked to her, it breaks up and digitizes.
She has left me a few long voicemails, and they break up the same as well.

I guess i will open a ticket and note her account and line info as well, since i dont have access to her email to the ticket process.

Edit : Your request number is (#1473067).


mmm. Things seemed to have cleared up.
I did switch my DNS back to my ISP DNS severs from CloudFlare…seems more stable phone not switching to cell nearly as much.
Though my folks house I still have set to CloudFlare and its fine.
Not sure if related.


Issues returned th elast few days

So, per Republic Help Ticket, they said the next step is to try to CDMA SIM, which I did not think would help, because call quailty issues happen on both wifi and cell.

I was right, sorta. I activated the CDMA, but got NO cell signal. My Pixel XL did say connected to 3G, but no data and no cell calls. Wifi calls worked fine, and guess what, it still had the same quality issues.

I also did not know that it would reset my plan, or at least the data allotment portion.

I put back in the GSM SIM and it reactivated fine.

I guess I just have to blame my call quality issues on the OTA update my phone got, as the issues started happening after that. Pretty sure it is causing some issues with how Republics service works. Hopefully, next months Google OTA will improve things.


I have done everything I can do to try and resolve things.
I upgraded to a new router. Asus AC86U.
I have factory Reset my phone.

Still calls have moderate quality issues…most of the time.
Must be the OTA update.


Have you done a couple of the normal scope limiting things?

  1. Boot up and Run in Safe Mode?
  2. Make calls in WiFi only (to eliminate possible interaction between WiFi and Call that is a normal part of Bonded CAlling
    • Place phone in Airplane Mode and turn WiFi back on
    • It may also be necessary to go into the RW App, Advanced Settings/Enable handover on networks and Uncheck the SSID you are connected to



Done all of that…was all part of the troubleshooting the ticket requested.
Though, I am tech savy and have been here long enough to know to do all that, before I come here to comment on it. It just probably havent remembered to type out everything.

Does it on all wifi networks, and cell network. Though, biggest issues are in and around my home. So I think at least part of it may have to do with my local tower perhaps.


Understand you are tech savvy :slight_smile: , I may tend to try to write my response to try to help others (beyond the OP) if they happen on to the thread.

  • You do say it is in and around your home, but then go on to theorize it may be the local tower? The two, Cell and your WiFi are totally separate, except the interaction between the two as part of the Bonded Calling… have you eliminated that from the mix?


Its odd. I cant seem to find a solid way to reproduce it or negate it. It just happens 8 out of 10 calls.
Just 2 hrs ago, I had a 27min long call with a buddy of mine.
Phone stayed on wifi fine the entire call and quality was great, unlike yesterday when he called me around the same time.

Immediately after that call, I call my mother, or my local Best Buy and the quality is terrible.

Now that I think of it, it seems to happen more often for outgoing calls, vs when someone calls me…maybe.

And yes, not sure if I stated it in this thread, but I have made the same calls locked into one call mode. Airplane with Wifi on to force Republic Network call, and wifi off cell on to force Cellular Network. Both sounded Identical with quality issues. Did this in multiple locations, home and work and at other stores while out, but the worst is at my home location, where until the past linked to issue, and now this, has always been excellent.


I guess that home & work are far enough apart that you hit different towers?
But didn’t you swap carriers as part of this saga?
I like Network Cell Info Lite to get a good snapshot of cell & WiFi


YEs. I did check signal strength with Singal Check Pro.


-106 dBm 34 asu home

-80 dBm 60 asu Work

Work is about 10 miles from home.

And like I said before, I got 0 LTE signal with the R.W. CDMA SIM.

I know for a fact that Sprint coverage is there, but much more lacking than Tmobile.
I was on Sprint post paid for about 1yr.

Edit: and now that hock up my phone to my computer to record the issues…it wont do it…LOL!.
But one thing I DO see is in Audacity the drastic volume difference in wifi vs cell network.


Does the Pro version of Signal Check provide for plotting the RSRP over time?
Do you have problems at work where it appears you have a very good cell signal?


Not sure.

And yes, issues occur no matter the location or cell or wifi signal strength.


Have you considered Google, as they would have a larger install base and possibly more exposure than Republic?
Corrected pointer to Google XL Warranty


How would contacting Moto help me?

I have a Google Pixel XL.

And Pixel support would just blame the carrier.


Please see my updated link above


Thanks, but there is nothing wrong with the phone. And it was out of warranty a few months ago.
I have put both a tmobile and a Fi sim in my phone to test.
No call issues.

It has to be something with how Republic service interacts with the phone.

Also with Pixel, there is 1 button click to have a Google Pixel support agent call me or even remote into the phone for support. Or, can just ask the Assistant to have Google call me.


A quick review of the thread indicates, the problem started when the Security update was added (that came from Google), you have the same problem on either of Republics carriers, and you have the problem on both WiFi and Cell … therefore as far as I can see the only common denominator would be your phone … or maybe just your rotten luck :thinking:
Let the community know how you make out in resolving the issue


Here is a sample of the issues:


Cutting out during calls