Poor call quality since 9-4-18


Have you considered Google, as they would have a larger install base and possibly more exposure than Republic?
Corrected pointer to Google XL Warranty


How would contacting Moto help me?

I have a Google Pixel XL.

And Pixel support would just blame the carrier.


Please see my updated link above


Thanks, but there is nothing wrong with the phone. And it was out of warranty a few months ago.
I have put both a tmobile and a Fi sim in my phone to test.
No call issues.

It has to be something with how Republic service interacts with the phone.

Also with Pixel, there is 1 button click to have a Google Pixel support agent call me or even remote into the phone for support. Or, can just ask the Assistant to have Google call me.


A quick review of the thread indicates, the problem started when the Security update was added (that came from Google), you have the same problem on either of Republics carriers, and you have the problem on both WiFi and Cell … therefore as far as I can see the only common denominator would be your phone … or maybe just your rotten luck :thinking:
Let the community know how you make out in resolving the issue


Here is a sample of the issues:


About to give up
Cutting out during calls

I am still haveing frequent (but not constant) quality issues.
Hopefully, when the Oct Pixel OTA update comes, things will go back to normal.
If not, well, I am testing out Project Fi on my old Nexus 5X.
Fi seems to indicate that it will use WiFi to call anytime you are connected, but, u cant make a pure wifi call, like in Airplane mode, like you can on R.W.
(Edit: U need Hangouts app installed to do that, which isn’t indicated anywhere obvious in the Fi app or site)

I would miss Anywhere on my PC, i prefer a dedicated software app than the web page tab open for the Android Messages. Fi does include VM transcriptions though. Fi numbers also show up for a carrier lookup as Tmobile Mobile number, so woudl have less issues with some services that reject VoIP R.W numbers.
But the higher cost for mobile data :sob:


I’m having similar issues on my Pixel 2 after updating to Android Pie. I also have a support case open but have had trouble finding enough of a patter to report.

Poor quality with dragging words and breaking up on both wifi and cell. Trying to manually handover and after a few times it stops letting me handover entirely. Not every call, but a majority of them.


I plan on getting a Pixel 3 early next year…not sure how long after it comes out until R.W will support it


Your audio recording sounds exactly like my experience.

I was able to connect with support today and they are sending me a CDMA SIM, but that won’t fix my Wifi issue, only hopefully let the handover to Cell be a more viable option, although I don’t know that either carrier get good signal in my basement where I primarily use the phone, hence my desire to be on WiFi.

I’m almost certain it is related to Android Pie as I didn’t have anything like this over the last year with Oreo on the phone and I certainly noticed this problem right around the time I did the upgrade.


Yea…the CDMA SIM did nothing for me.
And Sprint gets terrible signal and service at my work…lucky to get 2megs down and .5 megs up. Its a little bit better at home. But no thanks. I want GSM Tmobile.



I have two Unifi APs in the house, one in the basement about 20 ft from where I am commonly at, and one upstairs. Both are part of the same controller and are working together. They are on Channel 6 and 11. Firmware is current.

My phone shows signal as “Good” to my SSID.

Speed test shows
Latency 23 ms
Download: 106 Mbps
Upload 16.5 Mbps
Packet Loss 0%


I am surprised that your signal only shows as ‘Good’,

  • In your installation are both devices hard wired?
  • Is your phone connected as 5GHz or 2.4 GHz?

Background: - I previously used 3 Unifi AP’s (the older 2.4 only) ones. 2 were hardwired and 3rd was WiFi connected. Currently using a single Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-HD that is ceiling mounted in 1st floor of a 2 story house and have ‘Excellent’ on both floors … but the speed is lower upstairs due to ceiling/floor and distance.


I wonder if there is a mix of issues going on, as the issues happen much more frequently at my home, while much less at work. The cell signal at work is stronger, but the Xfinty wifi signal is often good to low. At home, wifi is excellent and far faster but cell signal is a bit low.

I wonder if its a mix of my phone with Pie and my local tower though I don’t know how/why that would affect the R.W wifi calling. Either way, the VoIP packets are somehow getting dropped or corrupted.

If I knew the IP address of the R.W sever my phone is connecting to, I could do some testing like ping and traceroute to see if what that reveals.


Both APs are hardwired.
One is the original UAP with only 2.4 and the other is a AC-Lite mode. My phone was connected to the 5 Ghz radio at the time I took the test.

  • I suppose that you have tried it in Airplane Mode with WiFi turned back on to rule out any problems with the Bonded Calling?
  • Which AP is in the basement?


After I arrive back form work tonight, My phone is unusable tonight to speak to my mother. (who also is a R.W.)
I thought may be the strong thunderstorms may be a factor…

But I call my mother from my “landline” Obdi VoIP Google Voice powered home cordless phone, ZERO quality issues. Not a single issue. (aside from her volume going louder if her phone switches to cell) And that runs off the same wifi as my phone.

Things are definitely worse when the call is R.W user to R.W user.
The call I had a hour or so eailer to my buddy down south, (Cspire) was much better on my end, but still had issues and he does keep complaining i am cutting out alot.

I do not know what more I can do…I have had a ticket open, done all the things support wants me to do…things cleared up for a 2 days, ticket closed out. Then issues came back. Now one other Pixel user has reported same issues.

I also have used my 5X which is on Project Fi, to call my mother, both on wifi and cell, and only a few very minor glitches…nothing like what my R.W phone is doing. Though, not a fair test…as the 5X is on 8.1. I don’t have a spare Pixel to test with.

I really do not want to have to leave R.W. because of this…but it is becoming and increasing chance.

@dana Where are you located? If its anywhere other than Saint Louis Park, MN…then it isnt just my local tower or my wifi. ( I have an Asus AC86U router and 1gig USInternet Fiber.)


I forgot to mention, putting my Pixel XL into Safe mode, allows me to make calls to non R.W numbers fine. Quality is better, but not perfect.

I can not call my mother on R.W while in Safe Mode, the dialer just stays on Connecting. Also, she can not call me, but others can.

So…R.W is even more of the culprit.

I don’t feel like switching to the 5X inorder to stay on R.W.

Beginning to think that having a Pixel that is always most up to date, is a risk with R.W. tech that maybe cant keep up with testing and Q&A with how rapidly Google is modifying their OS. R.W Hybrid coverage etc…many more points of failure as its more complex than just the plain and simple way traditional cell carriers do things.


Technology works in mysterious ways. It’s not for the faint of heart, but have you considered flashing a previous version of android to your pixel?