Poor call quality since June 6 related to June 6 "Activation" issues?

I know there is a known issue going on as posted in the System announcement…(at the time of this post)

But I wonder if my sudden call quality issues are related since it started happening just before that issue was discovered early yesterday. (June 6)

Audio drops out, digitizes. A call will start on Wifi, but then hands over to cell, where the quality is even worse at times. Its ranges from moderate to severe.

Some things in my environment have changed recently.
Last week, I flashed different firmware on my router and did some tweaking, that greatly improved its performance, stability and wifi speeds. I have made several calls since then over wifi the next couple days after, so I dont think that change is cause the issues. (and would not effect cell network)

My Pixel XL updated to the June 5 Security patch this last Monday. Something in that could be causing an issue? But i didn’t notice any quality issues until 2 days later. The update did patch several Qualcom related things.

There is much construction in my area, both in my apartment complex as they are doing renovations all over, and around the city for road work.

I have tried Reset Network Settings and Refresh of the activation, and rebooted phone.
I have also tried 2 other known good wifi networks other than my home. (while in Airplane mode as well)
Assume just wait it out and see if things improve.

Any one else, particularly in the Minneapolis, MN area on R.W. or Tmobile having any issues recently?


I am also experiencing poor poor sound quality. Garbled sound, missing words. Can barely speak on this phone.

I wonder if this issue is exclusive to us on GSM partner.

My mother who has a Moto G1 is at her folks house on their wifi.
She called me from her R.W phone, both on thier wifi, then also on the CDMA cell network to my home “landline” that is a wired voip Obi device setup.

There was no quality issues from her phone.

Wandering around wondering the same thing. RW doesn’t seem to publicize the partners if one or the other is known to be causing member issues. Fortunately for me neither my CDMA or GSM coverage/service has been affected as far as I know.


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I am also experiencing poor call quality. Actually I have been experiencing NO call quality over the last month or so, especially over WiFi. Call have been so bad today as I set up my replacement phone that I have had to stop answering voice calls completely. The voice system is useless. I have been having this issue intermittently for 2 years, since the Lollipop update.

I have been using Moto X phones and I live in the Los Angeles area.

It is so unacceptable at this point that I can no longer continue with Republic unless it is resolved quickly.

Well…i has gotten pretty bad tonight…nearly unusable on wif or cell.
The cut outs are actually making navigating any automated system impossible as it is not recognizing the touch tones.

I can honestly say this is the first time I have had such severe continues issues with call quality on R.W.

I am able to use the Google Voice app to make wifi calls fine with perfect quality. Perhaps I may need to forward my R.W number to the G.V number for now…

I guess my only option is to open a ticket to report the issue.

Update: I just went to grocery store a few miles away. Made a test call on cell and it sounded fine.

I came back home, and tired again on cell outside my garage, which is a ways behind my complex, call was fine, not perfect, but normal.

Came back to my apartment, made wifi call, sounded better than eailer today, tried cell call, same, some issues, but still not a good as normal.

Update: Late last night, and now this morning, call quality over wifi and cell appears to be back to normal.


I came onto the RW site to diagnose this exact problem. I have been dealing with this exact issue for a week. I am in Cincinnati, Ohio and I have a Moto Pure. This is getting very frustrating because part of my job and the most important part, is counseling families over the phone. I need this to be figured out as soon as possible.

This evening, I am having call quality issues again.

Today, all incoming calls are coming on cell network.
Manual handoff to wifi does not work at all.

Outgoing calls use wifi fine.

Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

I merged your newest topic into your existing one, because I suspect it is all part of the same issue, and has something to do with your Wi-Fi network.

Its not my wifi network…as it does it on all wifi networks I try.

And I would classify call quality issues for both wifi and cell vs calls coming in on only one network as separate issues.

The call quality issues were on both wifi and cell, and wifi calling was working fine, in coming calls and all.

The incoming cell only calls have not had any quality issues as of yet.
An issue like this happed a while back, where many folks outgoing calls were defaulting to cell network. HERE

Outgoing calls defaulting to cell is not the same as incoming calls defaulting to cell, that issue is resolved, and a solution is in place to prevent future instances. As you pointed out, many people were reporting it. That is not the case today. I can see what’s in Community, what’s in our tickets, and what our Experts are being asked. I’m not seeing an influx of such reports. Additionally, before I merged your topics, I tested on two phones. I was not able to replicate it. It does not appear to be a global issue.

I’ll ask for others to test, though. @Ambassadors, @Experts, can you please see if your incoming calls are bypassing Wi-Fi and going straight to cell?

Possibly, I can easily split the topics back out if that turns out to be the case. However, examining this as another symptom of your existing issues may also prove fruitful. If Wi-Fi call quality is determined to be sub-par, our service delivers the call over cell. So perhaps they are related.

I have never had the app refuse to manually hand over to wifi though. Even on known poor wifi.
And its weird as I can call that same person back via wifi and it stays on wifi, and I can handover back and forth fine. He calls me, it locked to cell network. Maybe its something on his end(Csipire) that is mucking up things. A few hours after this mornings round of calls, just now, I call my phone from my home phone and it rings via wifi fine.

Seems my issues are kinda random…and I can not seem to find a certain process or circumstance to consistently reproduce them. This is making me lean towards the possibility that the most recent OS Security update from Google is a factor, as that update did have a few patches involving the Qualcom proprietary stuffs, the radios and other patches. My issues started shortly after I flashed that update.

Tomorrow, the SIM i ordered from R.W. for the E4 I got off swappa to replace my mothers G1 comes, so if that phone exhibits the same quality issues, then its not my phone, but some other factor.

@southpaw Sometimes if WiFi drops while the phone is resting the call will start on cell and then switch to WiFi.

If the phone is on WiFi the call will come in on WiFi.

Sometimes, a call will come through over Wifi and the arc will be hollow while the phone is still locked. When I get the call screen the arc is solid and the call is coming through WiFi.

I get my calls mostly over WiFi and can make all calls over WiFi and cell when needed, so I don’t see any issue with my test results.

I have Samsung S7 Edge, on CDMA and a less than to be desired router from AT&T.

I’ve gotten a few calls the past two days that only ring once on both desktop and on my phone, is this related? I’ll call back and the people will say they never called me.

Only had a few calls today. No issues with quality.
The ticket I submitted 5 days ago now, just received a response.
Told to do Rest of Network on phone and Refresh Activation.
(I guess the tech did not read through this thread, I linked to it in the ticket.)

I sent in a ticket on this same topic 3 days ago and have not received a response. I now remember that this issue started after the major OS upgrade last week or so. Call quality is bad today, as I try and counsel parents, calls are terrible, and no one can hear me. And it’s not my wifi. My call quality was fine until the upgrade.

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