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Hello. I have a Moto G5 S. What cell network does it run on? Is that based on whether it is GSM or CDMA ? I thought Republic ran off of Sprint, yet I do not stay on the cell network at my job - and it is a strong Spring area. My previous provider worked well there.


by default right now the Moto G5S Plus is on the GSM Partner (T-Mobile) (this is the case for BYOD and those purchased from Republic at this time)
Please create a ticket asking to review your coverage (give them a few different addresses that you will be using the Phone like work and home)

Republic has some options to assist in poor coverage

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I’m sorry. I have the G5…not the G5 S. Is it the same? I will contact them. Thank you!


IT could be similar (the Moto G5 from Republic could be CDMA (Sprint) having Support look in to your coverage is still the best plan


You can determine if your phone is using GSM or CDMA by dialing:


If nothing happens and the dialer clears, it’s using GSM. If you get a SprintDM menu, it’s CDMA.

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