Poor coverage in Kilmarnock, VA - Would a booster help?


I have a vacation home near Kilmarnock, VA 22482.
My RW MotoG barely gets a signal there.
Is it possible to get a cell phone signal booster for the house?
And point a directional antenna at one of the towers nearby?
I mainly need it for phone service.


Before I was using Republic Wireless I used a booster in order to get signal into my basement office. I put an antenna on the roof and ran a wire down to the basement where the booster and another indoor antenna was located. It worked really well. I bought it from repeaterstore.com. Now in my case, I had good signal outside, it just wasn’t making it through the walls into the basement. Your situation is a little different.

But the best solution, if you have internet access, is to use your phone with Republic’s wifi capability. You can get calls and texts through wifi and you won’t actually need cell coverage.

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