Poor coverage with Moto G5 Plus

Hi everyone. I recently updated to a Moto G5 Plus from a Moto E4 (I think) using the bring your own phone sim card option.
I am on the$15 per month plan talk and text with no data.

Since I’ve updated to the Moto G5 Plus, the coverage in my area seems to be awful. It seems that I frequently have either no cell service or only voice service with no option to text. My little signal triangle tends to be empty or have some white filled in with an “!”. With my old phone, I never had problems with coverage for either talk or text. I considered going back to the old phone, but it had such a small amount of storage (8GB) that it wouldn’t update apps without me having to rearrange things constantly. I’m really frustrated and am hoping that someone can help me. I’m fairly tech-savy, but am not a cell phone expert by any means.
Thanks for any help you can give me,

Hi @matthewa.4c75r0,

Please open a ticket and include the information in this article:

Our support agents can then evaluate whether your coverage would be improved with a different SIM card.

Thanks southpaw,
I did as you suggested.

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