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I have been a. Republic member for 12 years. My husband hates it and has been wanting us to cancel for years because there is not enough cell coverage and poor customer service but I have loyally stood by Republic… now I may have reached my limit too!
After submitting a ticket because I was was not able to purchase data and getting a message back that I should check with my bank, as usual “help” from Republic customer service was no help at all!
I replied:
I am not James! I am Gail. My credit card attached to my account has not changed. There is no reason for me to contact my bank. I buy data regularly when I travel and I have ordered phones with no problem. Somehow, only known to you — you have attached my phone to my husband’s account. He had a credit card changed this year. Just look up our accounts and correct the problem.
My phone is [REDACTED]
put Gail [REDACTED] with that number.
James’s is [REDACTED]. Put James [REDACTED] with that number.
If you do not know how to do this refer the problem to the supervisor in accounts.

So community does anyone have any suggestions as how to communicate with anyone in Republic Support who actually knows how to solve a problem that the company created all on their own!


Gail, To begin, I’ve edited your post to remove the private information as you’ve posted it in a public internet forum.

Second, if the account that your phone is on is in James’ name that the name that is going to be attached to any interaction opened in that account. Even though you may be opening the interaction, it will show under his name, since the account is in his name. No disrespect is meant, it is just the way the account is listed. When the phone is activated the email that is used in the Republic app determines what account it is on.

When you get a notice that a payment has failed, there’s nothing that Republic can do. They don’t control your payment method and don’t decide if it is good. The ONLY option is to tell you to reach out to your bank to find out why the payment was declined. Until the bank allows the payment, Republic could keep processing it, but that won’t change the outcome of rejection.

You can see the name and payment method attached to a specific account by logging in here: Account Management | Republic Wireless

You can see the phone(s) that are on the account here: Phones | Republic Wireless

If you’re unable to determine the account a phone is on you can send an email to help@republicwireless.com and in the email include the phone number and let them know you’re not quite sure what email account that phone number is connected to, and they can help you track that down.

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Hi @gailc.x5tuvm,

Thanks for bringing your concern to our attention in a number of places.

Please know, before you become concerned that I’ve addressed you as “gailc.x5tuvm”, that I do know that’s not your name, but it’s the randomized Community username created when you set up this Community account, and by using that with an @ sign in front of if, I enable the Community platform to notify you of a response to your topic. If you’d prefer to be addressed by a different username in Community, I’ll be glad to change that for you.

I see @louisdi has addressed some of the concerns you brought up. Please know that Louis does not have access to your account or your Help Ticket and is advising you based on his expertise on our service and policies, not on specifics about your situation. It was very kind of him to remove your personal information from a public topic that everyone on the Internet can see.

He has correctly described how things work when a payment fails. In order to protect your bank account, no credit card company is going to allow a charge it has denied just because the company trying to collect payment tries again and again. That’s something you’ll need to clear up with your bank. Our Help Team answered you, providing the correct information concerning the inability to process that order.

Louis has also correctly explained why you were addressed as “James.” When a ticket is opened, we must ascertain that we are working with the account owner as indicated on the account. You can manage how that account is set up by logging into the account portal. We are not permitted to make that kind of change. As a mobile phone service provider, we are bound by very strict federal regulations that are in place to protect each member’s privacy. As such, we are not allowed to change the owner of the account, unless we verify that we have the permission of the listed account owner. Due to the reply you shared above insisting that you are not the listed account owner, our Help Team will not be able to take any action on your account, as they are required to be certain they are working with the listed account owner to take account actions.

I’ll take over your Help Ticket and see how I might be able to help further. I understand that when you simply want data and can’t get the order processed, it can become frustrating, but please take comfort in the fact that everything you’ve described, from the bank’s refusal to process the charge, to our response addressed to “James” is completely designed to protect you from fraud, and the rules that are designed for that purpose are not flexible at all.


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