Poor GSM coverage compared to CDMA


I have migrated from a Moto X 1st gen 2.0 plan to the Samsung S7 3.0 plan, but left my wife on a Moto X 1st gen 2.0 plan. I find that when the Samsung (GSM) is getting coverage it is excellent and much faster. However my wife’s Moto X (CDMA) gets coverage in a LOT more locations. For example, driving interstate 84 between Scranton PA and the NY border, the Moto X maintains a data connection all the way, but the Samsung drops out for most of the trip. I can pull up maps or listen to Pandora in the car using the Moto X but can rarely even get a connection to Pandora on the Samsung. I love my S7 in every other regard, so I think this is a GSM vs CDMA coverage issue and would really love the S7 to pick the strongest signal and use it. If the phone has both radios can this be implemented if I submit a trouble report?


there is no current way of doing this (on one carrier is offering both the GSM partner and CDMA partner at the same time and that’s Google Project Fi with Google Nexus/Pixel devices only

even turn you current S7 to CDMA is not possible as there no BYOP option for CDMA network on Republic right now

Please see Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability and Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability

If you order with in a a couple weeks ago then you may be able to get Republic to send you a CDMA version though a help ticket


you could order a new S7 and gamble it would come with CDMA and then sell the current one


I would check to see if the VoLTE setting is turned on.

VoLTE settings: Android | T-Mobile Support