Poor instructions on requesting a CDMA SIM card

I bought a new phone from another source and requested a new sim card. I did the research to make sure the phone would work with RW. A tech notified me that he needed the IMEI # to make sure it was compatible. No where does it say that the IMEI # was needed to make sure a phone brought in would work. Just gives the model #s for the phones that will work. So, you buy a phone from where ever that RW says will work to only find out that it may not work? Come on people. Fortunately I have no problems with my new phone.

Hi @larcnt,

An IMEI is absolutely not necessary to determine if a phone is Republic compatible. Did you request a CDMA SIM by chance? The phone’s IMEI would be required for that.

Hi @larcnt,

I’m sorry for the confusion. When a CDMA SIM card is requested, we ask for the IMEI to make sure the phone will activate with our CDMA network partner.

I’ll check in with the coverage team to verify this requirement and make sure our instructions, as well as the advice our Experts are giving, align with the experience our Help Team will deliver.

Thanks for bringing this additional step to our attention, and I’m very glad to see that your new phone was able to be activated without issue.

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