Poor reception at new zip


Phone Brand: Moto
Phone Model: G and X
Plan: Republic Refund 0.5GB
Plan Data: Yes

Issue Description

We moved to zip 50323 and have terrible call quality (normally zero or 1 bar). Both our phones are from RW. Mine (moto X) gets slightly better reception than my wife’s (3 year old moto G).

The moto G is 3 years old. Looking to replace it. The RW website recommends Moto G5 Plus, Moto G4, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for our zip (50323).

Can anyone tell me which one will provide best call quality?

Is it my imagination that my call quality is better when using wifi?

The phones that are recommended are all phones capable of both CDMA/GSM which tells me that Republic thinks that the carrier you have now, on your current phones, is the best choice there. That’s because the GSM partner has very little coverage in Iowa. I don’t think you’ll see meaningfully better reception with the new phone.

As far as better quality on wifi, that’s entirely possible. When on wifi your phone is using that for calling instead of cellular. If the cellular signal is lousy, then wifi calling should absolutely be better.

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the underlying carrier (sprint) will not change (and even if it did the GSM partner (T-Mobile) is does not have good coverage in Iowa (and it’s main roaming partner is not friendly to T-Mobile’s NVMOs )

new phones would also be moving to the new plans Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless

as you are looking to replace the 3 year old Moto G (which in my option is nearing it usefulness as a 3 year old mid-line phone the best value of the CDMA phones would be the Moto G5 Plus (release this summer as a upper mid-line phones vs last years middle mid-line phone, and cheaper than the 1.5 year old Samsung flagship)

pretty sure your coverage will not improve but the good news is the new phones are unlocked and can be taken to other carriers which may have better coverage if you find republic does not work well in this location

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