Pop up ads driving me nuts

Moto x pure edition I’ve been getting popups I’ve deleted apps wipe the caches really don’t want to hard reset again.

If this is coming from Chrome…use this info to shut off Chrome pop-ups

Think I have tried this

Hi @tom4342,

What were you doing when that pop-up add appeared?
When you clicked the “X” to close it, what happened?

cancer popup whether I had the browser open or not I just deleted the last app that I had install recently which was for notification sounds and actually pay for that ad I’ll keep an eye on it the rest of the day and see if it pops up anymore if it doesn’t I don’t know that app was the creator of the problem

Well that didn’t work

Hi @tom4342,

I didn’t quite understand your reply when I asked what you were doing when that pop-up appears, and what happened when you tapped the “X” to close it.

It’s hard to know at a distance whether this is something happening in the browser or due to an app on the phone.

Would you feel comfortable sharing your apps list here?

Sorry it closes when I tap the x

At the top right is a ? Surrounded by circle when I tap that it opens up where I can hide that ad or report it or ask why is this showing up when I get the wires this showing up and never opens and it doesn’t change anything to tap the other two

After it closes, what are you looking at?

I did a factory reset and reloaded from a backup so far so good

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