Pop up ads now appearing all the time

A month or two I started receiving pop up ads all the time on my phone. Why? What must I do to put a stop to this aggrivation?

Hi @peterc.mlt8e1

Here is an excellant post from @littletoucan: Get rid of popup ads
Hope this helps!


I’ve deleted the 2 apps you suggested, but am still getting the pop up ads, so they can’t be the problem.

Then some other app is doing it. Most likely one that was installed way back when you started experiencing this problem. You will have to keep removing *apps to try and make this stop.
*Apps like battery boasters or cleaners or games or…you know the type :wink:
You can also try booting to safe mode to see if the ads go away.

Hi @peterc.mlt8e1,

I’m not seeing where @SuperT suggested any two apps for deletion. Without knowing what’s installed on your phone and how you’re using the phone when the ads appear, it’s hard to guess at what you need to do next. Are you usually browsing in Chrome when they appear, or do they appear at other times? Would you feel comfortable sharing your apps list here for everyone to see?

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What does " booting to safe mode" mean?

Per the link (safe mode)

What is Safe Mode?

Safe mode allows you to turn your phone on without any third party apps running. Sometimes third party apps can cause freezing, incompatibility issues or may even cause the phone to restart. Using Safe Mode can help determine if the issue you’re having is being caused by a third party app or a system issue.

This also should stop any popup ads.
If the ads stop then the cause is an installed 3rd party app

@southpaw has asked some questions that can further help with helping you:

The type/model phone you have determines how you would boot to safe mode.

I’ve already forwarded my apps list, and have no problem with it being shared. The pop ups appear as soon as I try to use my phone, and randomly thereafter. For example, I go to dial a number and before I get done an ad appears, and then I must spot the X to get rid of it, and then redial.

I’m sorry Peter but nowhere in this post-thread between you, I and @southpaw do I see the app list you say you forwarded. We also have no idea of your phone make and model. I would suggest (for instance) clearing the phones system cache, but without knowing what phone make/model you have I can’t point you to a good direction. Your phone might not even be a model that can clear its cache.

We’re here to help…but we need some data to work with :wink:

Hi @peterc.mlt8e1,

It looks like you are also working with our Help team in a Help ticket. The Community cannot see the contents of your help ticket.

It can be confusing trying to troubleshoot in two places at the same time, especially when people at each place cannot see what you’ve tried with the other group of people.

To avoid further confusion, I’d suggest you focus on getting the help you need in your Help Ticket. Right now it is marked as solved. If the issue with the pop-up ads is still going on, you’ll need to reply in the ticket to let them know that you are still having trouble. I’ve changed it from “Solved” to “on hold” to give you time to do so. You can get back to the help ticket by signing in at: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/requests/1620611

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Guess I must have been dealing with someone else. My phone is a Motorola (Moto G). Have had it for several years. Attached are my apps

I’m betting it is whatever the app labeled “iOS 11” is.


I tend to agree and believe it’s a keyboard app designed to mimic an iPhone’s keyboard on Android.

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I think the problem is solved
No ads lately. Thanks to all who helped

Hi @peterc.mlt8e1, was it that keyboard app?

I think so. Also deleted Gasbuddy, which I’ll reinstall. Then I’ll know for sure.

I’ve used GasBuddy for years, no pop-ups there.

Something worth noting is that sometimes a legit app will go bad. I forget the name of the app but I used to have a well recommended legit app sell out and turn into adware. Be very careful about approving new permissions for an app update, especially if they’re asking for permissions they shouldn’t need.

It’s sad that a trusted app can become toxic adware in a single update. This is especially troubling with the automatic nature of app updates. What’s worse is most people don’t have time to curate updates for every app they install. It usually isn’t until something painfully obvious like pop-up ads start happening that people start to notice anything is even wrong. There’s no telling how much spyware people install without realizing it.

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