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How does one get rid of pop-up ads? I’ve tried everything including a factory reset

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When you conducted your factory reset, did you reinstall your apps? If the pop-up ads survived a factory reset, it’s probably an app that you installed which is producing the ads. Here’s a help article from Google:



From a quick review of your community ‘history’ it appears you have a Moto X Pure?

  • Have you tried booting up in Safe Mode? This will prevent any 3rd part apps from loading.
    • If this eliminates the offending pop-ups then it is one of the recently reloaded apps (after the factory reset) as outlined by @cbwahlstrom
    • If this didn’t help, then you might redo the Factory Reset (and then selectively add your needed apps back) as sometimes an app can overlay base code and install the add server

@tom4342 Are you still having an issue with ads?

Yes still trying different things I just bought a Samsung Galaxy s8+ hopefully it will be less trouble

Did you try the suggestion of factory resetting without restoring any apps?

Negative I did delete everything I had download and installed Malwarebytes which said I had no makware

Malware Bytes won’t identify adware as malware. So just because Malwarebytes indicates that the phone is “clean” doesn’t mean that an app isn’t pushing ads to the phone. The solution to the issue is very very likely the reset without restoration of the apps.

Be aware that if you get a new phone and use the feature that transfers you between phones, you may bring the issue to the new phone.

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