Pop-up ads on Moto x pure

I cured most of my pop up after issues but one the Lyft pop-up ad. It happens maybe 8 times in a day maybe slightly more but it’s irritating as ■■■■, I will be reading an email or texting someone and it will pop up. I’ve deleted almost every new app ran malbytes etc.

The bottom line, you still have an app causing these ads in “almost every new app”.

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  • You can ‘prove’ this to yourself by booting the phone up in Safe Mode … this will prevent all 3rd party apps from loading (until the next power off/on)
    • If this eliminates the problem, then you can use the Google Play Store/:menu: Menu / My apps & games, INSTALLED (Tab), then sort by Last Updated to help figure out about when this started.

@tom4342, did you find the offending app that was causing this issue with ads?

I believe I finally did ironic it was an app that checked phone health :joy:

Those apps are notorious for that. I don’t recommend any cleaner, or health check apps at all.

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never again

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