Pop up advertising what's up with that

Why are there so many pop up ads. As I a playing a game the just keep coming at random and very frequently. Is that republic ? It is even happening while I enter this question. If this is Republic I will be looking for a new carrier. I have been with you for about 8 years

Hi @roberth.2arqml,

The source of the ads is not Republic but rather most likely some app you’ve added to your phone. Can you think of an app recently added to your phone that coincides with the appearance of the referenced ads?

Candidly, many games (particularly if they’re free) are guilty of this behavior. Other prominent candidates are anti-malware apps, battery saving apps, apps that promise to speed up one’s phone or any other “phone improvement” apps.


If the ad interrupts the game flow then it is coming from the game itself. If it is popping up randomly while you are playing the game then you need to look at other apps that you might have recently installed.

The fact that that game didn’t include as much pop-up advertising earlier does not preclude it from “improving” itself…to add more pop-ups…they have to come up with some way to sustain their “freeness”. If you take a quick look at the Google Play Store
reviews for the app/game in question you should be able to see if other users of the app share your experience with pop-ups.

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