Pop-Ups any way to stop?

Moto5G+,whats a good pop-up blocker that does NOT have pop-ups of its own?

I don’t have an app suggestion, but if you use Chrome, you can disable pop ups in Settings.

I never get pop ups. You may have a bad-behaving/malware app. I recently dealt with pop ups from a rogue QR code reader app.

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I’m going to agree here. I can’t think of the last time I saw pop up, I’m literally thinking years, so either the websites you’re visiting are unscrupulous, and probably unsafe or one of the apps you’ve installed is really more adware than a useful app. Is there a time you can recall specifically when this started and an app that you installed around that time? Do the pop-ups happen only in Chrome or throughout the phone?

hmm, ok thanks… i pretty much only usee\ the phone for podcasts, using “the podcast app” a lot of local hospital with various others, facebook [which i dont belong to, , i removed the app and reinstalled it and have had only one popup in 45 minutes… so, feeling good thanks all

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