Popup Ads on my cell phone (NOT browser)

In order to stop these very obnoxious ads that keep interrupting my service I have disabled the WiFi radio in this phone. Now all cell calls will go through the cell tower.

Thus ends the great savings by using WiFi.

where did you get the phone?
RW or some place else?

RW is a no ad service

most likely it is being caused by an app you installed

We’ll see if shutting off the Wifi Radio does the trick. I don’t browse the intennet on my phone anyway, so no loss to me.

Ads on an Android phone are coming from an app on the phone. In this respect, Republic phones are no different from other Android phones. I don’t believe disabling your phone’s WiFi radio will help with this. To determine if an app is the root of the problem, I suggest Safe Mode. Please know Safe Mode is intended to be diagnostic not a permanent solution. If Safe mode causes the ads to stop, there’s a third party app on your phone that will likely need to be removed. Please let us know if your phone remains ad free while in Safe Mode.

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