Port my number and migrate my phone's content to new unlocked phone?

buying an unlocked Samsung s10e. how do i port my number and migrate my phone’s content?

Hi @elisab.g7b01g and welcome to the Community!

To help us best help you, may we know where the number you wish to port is currently?

Is it on a currently active Republic phone? If so, may we know the brand, model and generation of that phone?

Or, is the number in question currently with another service provider?

Regarding the Galaxy S10e itself. Are you purchasing at Republic’s online store? Or, are you purchasing via a third party retailer? If the latter, please note the compatibility information linked here: Samsung Galaxy S10e.


i am a legacy republic wireless member since 2014.

this is my first time buying an unlocked phone to use with republic.

i’m planning to buy an unlocked samsung s10e (because i need a new phone asap rather than ordering online) at Best Buy and then i wanted to port my number to the new phone and wonder what are the steps and what do i need to have on hand to successfully complete the move…

thank you!



my current phone is a pre-owned Republic Wireless Moto X 1st or 2nd gen. i’ve been buying pre-owned moto x’s since i started with republic wireless in 2014.

Hi @elisab.g7b01g,

Let’s start with the Republic compatible Samsung Galaxy S10e at Best Buy, which is linked here: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-galaxy-s10e-with-128gb-memory-cell-phone-unlocked-prism-blue/6323356.p?skuId=6323356.

You will, however, need a new Republic SIM as the SIM in your Moto X1 or X2 is phone specific and cannot be moved to another phone. Alas, Republic SIMs are not available locally. If comfortable sharing, might we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)? As you may know, Republic offers multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones and I wish to point you to a SIM with the best coverage for your area.

I promise to address moving your number and user content after settling which SIM to point you to.

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