Port number from 4 to 5 & keep 4 account active

I think the subject says it all.

I have a republic 4.0 plan and would like to port my 4.0 number over to a 5. 0 plan.

I would also like to keep my 4.0 plan active with a new (any) number.

Basically, what I want to do is try the 5.0 plan for a couple months and eventually just give the 4.0 plan to one of my kids.

(I have a spare pixel 4xl that would keep the 4.0 plan)

Anyone know if this is possible? Or, if I were to try the 5.0 plan for 25 days, could I go back to the 4.0 plan?


If you move a number from a 4.0 plan to a 5.0 plan, you can’t go backwards. I’m not sure if you can create a new number on a 4.0 plan; I doubt that it’s possible, but someone else can confirm if that’s the case.

I know you can test out a 5.0 plan on a new number to see how you like it while keeping your 4.0 plan (on a different number).

Go ahead and open a ticket with Republic to request a “skip port out cancellation” to see if they are able to do that for you.

That will assign a new number to your phone instead of cancelling it when your number moves to the new plan.

An unknown is that it appears that this is occurring with many of the number transfers when moving from the 4.0 to 5.0 plans right now, even without a skip port out request. That will be rectified at some point, but I have no idea if that will affect all skip port outs from this period (which could put your line at risk of cancellation), or if your new line would just continue as is unless or until you choose to cancel it. Still, it’s worth trying.

You’ll also want to make sure that your current SIM card is a GSM SIM, as lines with CDMA SIMs will need to convert to the new plan by end of June anyway when the network they use is shut down by T-Mobile. Open the Republic app > tap the “gear” icon at the top > tap “About” > What does it say under “SIM Type” underneath your phone number? GSM or CDMA?

As aFloridian said, you would not be able to return to the 4.0 plan if you move your number to the 5.0 plan. If you would like to test it out without moving your number, you could instead activate a new line with a new number and try it out that way, and then cancel when you’ve finished the test (if you wish to continue with your current number, you would then get a new SIM and move it over to the new plans at that point).

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