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I just got my son a Moto4 and want to port his number from Freetone, I’ve assigned the phone to him under my account. My only option is to get a new number, there is not a transfer option? How to I port his freetone number?



Hi @jamt96,

When establishing a new line of service with Republic, one does start with a new number. Transferring a number from another service provider comes once service is established. The new number would be replaced upon successful transfer.

The challenge will be Freetone isn’t a traditional service provider. Apps like Freetone are not typically subject to the general requirement that one be allowed to take their number with them to a different service. You’ll need to contact the folks at Freetone and ask if they allow one to port numbers out. If the answer is yes, you’ll need to ask what they accept for account number and PIN.

More on number transfer from Republic here: Number Transfer: Overview – Republic Help.

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OK, I can double check their service. The republic number checker cleared the number for porting.

On the second issue, under my account, I don’t see the option to transfer a number under this phone. when I log in as the Account Owner it points to my phone.



Hi @jamt96,

You said in your original post:

Having done so, you’ve removed the option to port from your account login to his.

You can either unassign to the phone from him, reclaiming the option to port a number to your own login, or you can have him log in and initiate the port himself.

Here are the tasks secondary users (those to whom a phone is assigned) can perform:
Secondary users can:

  • Change their name
  • Change their email address
  • Request a number transfer
  • View their usage
  • View their call history
  • Open Help requests

From: My Account – Republic Help



This means Republic is willing and able to accept the number in question. It’s not indicative that Freetone will release it. Were Freetone a traditional service provider (where typically one would be paying for service), they would be required to release it. App based services, particularly free ones, are not necessarily bound by that requirement. Some will allow one to take the number elsewhere for a fee. Others will refuse to allow it at all.

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