Port number over to new RW phone


Moto G5 Plus (coming from Moto G)
2gb Clear Choir (coming from old talk+text)
New plan includes data

Issue Description

I just got a Moto G5Plus, and at the same time, upgraded to the 2gb Clear Choir plan. (My goal is to port everything important over from my old Moto G, but that’s another topic.) But, I also wanted a new number. So, I submitted a request for a new number. I wasn’t sure if the request was properly submitted, so I submitted another. So, instead of getting a new number for just the G5 Plus (I was planning to cancel the Moto G once everything is ported over), I now have two new numbers. I’ve opened a support ticket. All I want is to use the new phone with the new number they gave me for my old phone. I did not want to get a new number for my old phone. Thanks.



Hi @jeremyh.3sweeh,

This will need to be something our support team handles for you, as the Community cannot change your number and there’s not a way for you to reclaim your old number on your own. Please do not make any further changes on the account while you are waiting.

Edited: I’ve updated your ticket, but am going to leave it without a reply so one of our technicians can take care of it. I’ll try to check in on you later this evening.

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Thank you very much. My mistake, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I appreciate your help.


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